Klas the kitty survives harrowing 200km ride

Klas the kitty survives harrowing 200km ride
A man in northern Sweden, who was taking a rest-stop after 200 kilometres of driving, got a shock after he heard a meow coming from the trailer of his car.

“At the last exit before the cottage, I stopped the car so the dogs could run around. Then, I stepped out and heard a weak meowing from the trailer,” cat owner Fredrik Öhgren told the local Piteå Tidning newspaper.

Öhgren recently embarked on a ten-day vacation to a lakeside cottage in Riebnes in northern Sweden, a trip on which his pet cat “Klas” doesn’t usually tag along.

However, after 220 kilometres on the road, Öhgren pulled over and discovered his Klas had made himself a clandestine stowaway, having curled up in Öhgren’s open-trailer.

Much to his owner’s surprise Klas had been on board throughout the freezing-cold journey, clinging for dear life as Öhgren had barreled down the open Swedish roadway, clueless to the fact that Klas had decided to come along for the trip.

“I couldn’t believe it was true! It surely couldn’t have been our cat!” Öhgren said.

“He was very weak. I had to cook plenty of trout for him and got him to eat dog biscuits until my wife came up on Tuesday with real cat food.”

As it turns out, Klas is usually terrified of cars, and hides when he hears them start.

But according to Öhgren, this time he must have opted for the “safety” of the trailer instead.

The family returned home on Sunday, with what seemed to be a very homesick pussy, according to Öhgren, who told the paper that he doesn’t think Klas will be coming next year.

And as for the next time Öhgren heads off somewhere, he’ll be sure to triple check the trailer.

“But I think he’ll keep himself away. It’s unpleasant, a few of his nine lives have disappeared already,” he told the paper.

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