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Sweden Democrats 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror: expert

17 Apr 2012, 09:48

Published: 17 Apr 2012 09:48 GMT+02:00

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Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik's deadly attacks in Norway sent shockwaves through the serene Nordic lands, rocking their populist parties and prompting at least one to clean up its act.

In the nearly nine months since Breivik massacred 77 people on July 22nd, such parties have experienced several setbacks amid accusations their criticism of immigration and Islam helped pave the way for the tragedy.

"There has been a very infected debate. It is a very uncomfortable feeling to be accused of such a thing," Mattias Karlsson, party secretary for the Sweden Democrats, told AFP.

In the 1,500-page manifesto he published online shortly before the attacks, Breivik claimed to be on a crusade against multi-culturalism and the "Muslim invasion" of Europe.

He hailed the sentiments expressed by Norway's Progress Party, the Sweden Democrats, the Danish People's Party (DPP) and members of the Finns Party.

Horrified to find themselves mentioned in the document and to find the confessed killer voicing support for some of their cherished ideas, the parties immediately distanced themselves from Breivik.

"I resent everything that he stands for. I resent his actions and will not be associated with this guy. Really, I will not," Progress Party chief Siv Jensen told AFP shortly after the attacks.

Jensen and her Nordic peers were however quick to insist the attacks would not change their criticism of high immigration numbers and Islamic extremism.

"Under no circumstances do I intend as a politician to be afraid of what I say," DPP chief Pia Kjaersgaard told the Politiken daily last August.

Experts note that surprisingly little has changed within the parties.

"The parties have of course had to distance themselves from what Breivik did but they haven't changed their opinions," said Ann-Cathrine Jungar of the School of Social Sciences at Sweden's Södertörn University.

Anders Hellström, a political scientist at Malmö University, agreed.

"A lot could have happened, but it hasn't," he told AFP, pointing out:

"There could have been a very big discussion after the attacks about what kind of debate is legitimate: is it legitimate to paint Islam as a threat?"

Sweden Democrat Karlsson meanwhile stressed that "we haven't seen any reason to go through political analysis or introspection on the basis of what this crazy man did."

There is one exception: the Progress Party has undergone a process of soul-searching.

This, experts say, is in part because the party once counted Breivik as a member but especially because the attacks were such a Norwegian tragedy.

Progress Party foreign policy spokesman Morten Høglund acknowledged the attacks had led the party to discuss its rhetoric, pointing to the term "sneak Islamisation" as an example of a phrase now scratched from its vocabulary.

"We meant to address the problem of radical Islam, but the term could be interpreted as an attack on Islam as such... It was not a good term," he told AFP.

But although the party's rhetoric might shift, Høglund insisted "the issues related to immigration and integration and so on did not disappear and we continue to debate them."

Elisabeth Ivarsfaten, an associate European politics professor at Bergen University, however said the party had basically stopped pushing immigration issues since the attacks, even as its support plunged following the tragedy and it was clobbered in September local elections.

"The Progress Party has tended to pull out the immigration card every time they do badly, but this time they haven't," she said.

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The other populist parties in the region have also seen their support suffer since the attacks.

The DPP, which had dominated Danish politics for a decade as a key government ally, lost that position and saw its backing slip in September general elections, while the Finns Party, which soared in parliamentary elections in April 2011, suffered a deep loss in presidential polls earlier this year.

The Sweden Democrats have meanwhile seen a stagnation of the surging support they had experienced since winning their first parliamentary seats in 2010.

While fear of being associated with Breivik is so strong that both the Finns Party and the DPP flatly refused to be interviewed, experts agree their setbacks are only tenuously linked to July 22nd.

"The populist parties outside of Norway have not been that affected and I think if their popularity has gone up or down it is because of other things," Ivarsflaten said.

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Your comments about this article

11:17 April 17, 2012 by Jes
it is only a matter of time before a member of this group in Sweden does what Breivik did in Norway . Breivik`s on-going trial has exposed the sad reality that civilization has a wicked down-side . Its is disgusting to note that this devil has more rights than his victims . It is also dangerous that he has been given the stage to show that massacring a lot of people can turn someone into a "star"

Europe made a terrible mistake when if abolished capital punishment
12:24 April 17, 2012 by Frobobbles
Another party that is 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror is Folkpartiet. And another party that is 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror is Centerpartiet. Another party that is 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror is Moderaterna. Another party that is 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror is Miljöpartiet.
12:31 April 17, 2012 by Åskar
But those parties are not based on the same befuddled ideas that Breivik share with the Swedish Democrats.
12:41 April 17, 2012 by Iraniboy
When it comes to immigration. The question that can be asked is simple! Should the immigration rules be tighter or looser and under which circumstances?! If a party can manage to propose the tightest immigration rules without demonizing the immigrants there is nothing unethical about that. The main problem is that most of these anti-immigration parties like SD cannot pursue an anti-immigration stance without demonizing people and without bigotry and hatred and that's why it raises serious questions about their real intentions!!
12:46 April 17, 2012 by jostein
When i speak to leftists here in sweden that cherish "a free palestine" they do not seem in the least concerned that other groups use violence to achive this. It does not shake their beliefe in "a free palestine" in the least. And why should it? I can share a belief with someone else without sharing all his or her values and believes?

I can be abhorred by terrorism while agreeing with the general ideas of terrorists. Like in the Palestine example above. Terrorism is a method to achieve political goals. But its a terribly ineffective method. In sweden there does not exist even one organisation that has not utterly condemned ABBs actions. Neither centrists such as the SD nor the extreme right such as the SvP.

Of course the problem with a free palestine is that so very many people endorse terrorism as a legitimate method. Thats when the cause itself starts to be tainted by terrorism, when people refrain from unequivocally distance themselves from terrorism.
12:53 April 17, 2012 by Grokh
not everyone that criticizes immigration policies are racists, and not everyone that criticizes islam is racist.

Ive seen plenty of good people here in sweden including immigrants including islamics criticizing swedens immigration policies.

there is a huge problem with some people who dont adapt and thats a fact no matter how loving and friendly everyone wants to be.

What is more stupid than being an ignorant right winger is actually denying the reason why some right wing parties have risen in europe for the past few years.

And when we can look at it from a logical way putting aside stupid fears of both denying a problem as well as exploding an adaptation problem into oblivion which is what breivik guy did, then we will be able to reorganize in a way that its more adaptable for both people who come from away as well as for those who already live here.
15:19 April 17, 2012 by rise
Vote for SD 2014.
16:53 April 17, 2012 by entry
Move along now, more LEFTIST dribble.
16:57 April 17, 2012 by Uncle

"But those parties are not based on the same befuddled ideas that Breivik share with the Swedish Democrats. "

As well as EVERY muslim association in Europe that would like to have it's own marriage rules, as well as it's own schools, it's own stores and it's own press. Organizations that demand removal of national flags with crosses, end to Christmas celebrations, glorifying "martyrs" etc... are in essence 2mm away from Al Qaida, even if they do not arrange explosions.

The connection of every organization that defines itself to islam to the same basic ideas of islamists is clear and visible.

Those who wonder why the popularity of SD did not change, should also wonder why the borders are not yet closed in the entire western world after 9/11, Madrid, Rome, 70's terror, bloody hunt of Iran after it's dissidents and all the crazy immigration issues that fell upon westerners with the multimillion muslim immigration.

Same laws are working here. You want for SD to dissappear? No problem. Close the borders for uneducated immigration. Throw away criminal non-citizens (including tax and social fraud). Allow unemployment for not longer than reasonable amount of time (shorter than the 7 years average now), demand Swedish tests passage within the first year.

All of the above done - SD will be forgotten.
17:52 April 17, 2012 by Rod Munch
If SD is supposed to take a long, hard look at itself after ABB's murders then why are S, M, V and the others not held accountable in the wake of Sweden's soaring rape, violent crime and other social problems caused by THEIR policies? ABB's 77 victims compared to the number of murder, rape and violent crime that have occurred in Sweden as a result of an essentially open-borders refugee/asylum seeker policy is ridiculous. I'd say that the left has FAR more to answer for than SD.
17:55 April 17, 2012 by Swedishmyth
By what definition is this party "far-right"? Are they economically laissez-faire?
18:12 April 17, 2012 by calebian22
There is no reason for parties to change their tone on Islamic immigration. It is not compatible with Western culture, period. What did the "experts" expect to happen? Breivik commits mass murder, and we are all supposed to forget about the elephant in the room?
18:39 April 17, 2012 by Lotus2035
I suspect that the highly organised Breivik is working for someone high up and the goal of his attack was to turn the European public away from rising anti-immigrant opinion (which is detrimental to the expansion of the freemarket in Europe) and to portray anyone who opposes immigration as a some kind of right wing nut-job.

But the general public has a habit of forgetting things like this and the controversial issue of ongoing mass immigration into Europe will remain a topic of conversation.
18:43 April 17, 2012 by cowboykodp
Caleb and Uncle;

when are you people going to change? Stop your nonsensical propagations.

"the total number of Muslims in Europe in 2007 was about 53 million (7.2%), excluding Turkey. The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2007 was about 16 million (3.2%)"

Not to mention about 10 million Muslims in the US.

If your nonsense were true, we would be in hell.

The truth needs no defending, that is why you people will always fight this uphill battle to no avail.
19:06 April 17, 2012 by Svensksmith
Why would we be in hell?
19:18 April 17, 2012 by entry
"Minister in 'racist circumcision outrage" and no one from thelocal.se & the Social Democrats have apologized nor announced plans to change their policies....
19:26 April 17, 2012 by libertarianism
I am against torturing and killing the sick and elderly. Therefore, I am against state-funded immigration. Who other than the SD is advocating that Swedish taxes first go to save the lives of people living and paying taxes in Sweden?

Based on Swedish logic, environmental groups are accountable for the evils of Ted Kaczynski.
19:54 April 17, 2012 by calebian22

How is it nonsense? Show me a muslim majority in any country in the world where minorities are not persecuted or at best treated as second class. Why wouldn't I want the West to remain muslim light? I don't want my daughter to be anywhere near Islam and how it treats women. You are the only one spouting nonsense. I wonder why? Sacrificing your western culture for those who don't respect it will not garner you points later when they breed us into a minority.
19:59 April 17, 2012 by Rod Munch
I'd also be interested to know why Cowboy thinks, "we'd be in hell?"
20:36 April 17, 2012 by Iraniboy

Thelocal panel has been recently enlightened by many new posters who share a lot with the guy shown in the picture above. Like a brainwashed suicide bomber in a Taliban camp these guys are unable to see facts and their similarities with fascists losers who appear in the history books!

Hitler's letter that was recently on show for public reads:

"The final conclusion is that Jews do not have German ethnicity. They live with their own feelings and their own beliefs however they have the same rights as we do in the society"

Today Jews should be replaced by Muslims! And we all know what happened to the man and his ilk who thought people with different feelings and different beliefs should NOT live among them!
21:57 April 17, 2012 by libertarianism
I'm also reminded of the Nazis. They murdered the sick and elderly, just as our läns' politicians have done and continue to do.
22:20 April 17, 2012 by Uncle

"Today Jews should be replaced by Muslims!"

Oh, yeah iraniboy. SD are the nazis.

SD would like to cleanse their land of Jews. SD distributes "Mein Kampf" and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on government levels. SD is hanging sexual minorities on the streets. SD is attacking Jews on the streets because "all them Jews are the same". SD is killing those who do not agree with their understanding of god. SD has the worst reputation prisons in the world. SD is cutting off hands on town squares. SD is declaring raped women criminals. SD is dictating other nations to remove their flags and forget their holidays. SD is demanding to provide special education to those who possess SD views. SD is propagating violence in every other SD center. SD is gathering money that goes to terrorist organisations (sorry, freedom fighters). SD is attacking mainly civilians by suicide bombing, car bombing, axe attacks, beheading and other wonderful things. SD is accepting torture. SD is spreading solely dictatorships in the countries SD is taking charge of. SD has specific laws limiting the rights of non-SD. FInally, SD is causing millions of emigrants from their country that looks like a mass escape.

What is MOST funny is that majority of attacks on religious minorities is of course done by the mentioned above nazi SD! Do not forget their rape statistics...

Them evil SD. What a luck that we balance them SD with the wonderful multicultural guests from the Middle East and Africa that bring some love and understanding through the patient story of Mohammad and gracious, infidel loving Allah! What would we do without this river of love? Then SD would surely take over Europe...
22:41 April 17, 2012 by Iraniboy
@Uncle and Co

Don't flatter yourself! SD is not even close to the bigotry and hatred you and your ilk possess. You're more of this kind:


Despite that, more than 90% of Swedes cannot even tolerate this level bigotry under their names! Otherwise people like you are actually arrested by police!
23:09 April 17, 2012 by Rod Munch
Iraniboy- Where do you get your statistics from? I always see a percentage but never a source?

Cowboy- When are you going to tell us why a Sweden full of Muslims would be "hell?"
23:44 April 17, 2012 by Uncle
Rod he is basing it on those who did NOT vote for SD.

iraniboy. Go to jihadwatch.com go to religionofpeace.com there the amount of dead is piling up at the hand of someone who is not wearing swastikas. I am but only describe the current situation. You have never actually managed to catch me on a lie, since I am basing my stuff on things that actually happen, whereas you can use slogans and links from ongoing trials of some nazis in Russia, US and Germany.

What is amazing is that I am with you! I support your argument that nazis are bad. Nazis are indeed not good for this world and if all nazis would commit suicide, I would be happy.

Moreover, if all those who live in the way of nazis, behave like nazis, propagate nazi ideology, kill civilians like nazis, treat minorities like nazis and EXPAND like the nazis into other cultures would simply disappear, I would be ALSO happy. You get my drift? No need in horrors. No need in violence. JUST disappear.

Now, if your argument to that would be that nazis are bad (as usual), I would agree with you again. And again I would stress that those who think that nazis and ALIKE are material for disappearance are correct. I believe that nazis AND those who BEHAVE like nazis. are. the. SAME.

I hope that it is crystal clear for you now in spite of your reading and comprehending difficulties.
00:38 April 18, 2012 by crypticvalentine

08:14 April 18, 2012 by Pakistani_Student
i think this guy who is already having a great time in a luxurious prison will get a few years jail and then will be free. When he goes free, he will come out as a hero for all his follower crusader knights and etc..
08:23 April 18, 2012 by Uncle
What an appropriate forum in the Holocaust remembrance day!

Oh, I am sorry. It seems to be that Ahmadinejad, Turkish Harun Yahya and Bedri Baykam, universities of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt, officials from Syria and Palestinian authority (Al Rantissi), Arab league ex-chairman Al Nahyan and Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef join the nazis like Otto-Ernst Remer, Jurgen Graf, neo-nazi Bill White and right wing terrorist Manfred Roeder in holocaust denial.


No surely I was mistaken previously, iraniboy. SD are much more nazis than the tolerant Islamic world.

Go to the link. Great company. Islamic leaders FINALLY reached the mental level of the scum of the western world.
08:24 April 18, 2012 by Rick Methven
Congratulations to The Local on increasing your advertising revenue by letting all the usual racist posters air the same false claims that gave Brevik the basis for his horrific acts.

If you really analyse the posts of the like of Rod Munch, Uncle, Calebian22, Jostein et al, what they are doing is supporting the views and by association actions of Brevik.

As Brevik has been allowed to spout his ideas, the media over the world has carried the story. The vast majority of comments in other media outlets have been carefully moderated to ensure the sort of hate filled posts allowed here do not get printed. TheLocal.se is the exception. as as usual promotes hate crimes in order to increase circulation.
11:31 April 18, 2012 by Uncle
Rickie... Rickie is here. What a joy!

If "analysing" would be done by The Local on constant basis, association between the views of Al Qaida and statements of Rick, iraniboy and cowboy would be established a long time a go.

So instead of arguing with the facts mentioned above, the usual state of moaning about racism is entered by Rickie. That is of course given that "muslim" is not a race and that muslim states, as well as muslim immigrants excel in racial attacks on the minorities in their vicinty way more than anyone else.

Even when one points out DIRECT association between the spiritual and political leaders of the muslim world and "old time" uniform wearing nazis, as well as "new time" head shaved ones, this one becomes "racist". Good methodology there, Rickie. Surely will convince many in your point of view.
11:39 April 18, 2012 by Wyatt
People from "CAIR" Terrorists Organization have now infiltrated some of the schools in the U.S. and teaching there so called religion of peace.They are spreading like a disease and our Politicians are letting them take over more and more for the sake of political correctness. Multiculturalism will be the death of the West.
12:08 April 18, 2012 by Rick Methven

Hate crime includes race, colour, religion and sexual persuasion.

You in your posts are promoting the same false and ill informed views that Breivik read and resulting in him killing 77 people, none of whom deserved to die.

I decry all acts of terrorism be it Islamic terrorism or right wing nut jobs. Breivik is a terrorist, yet you and the rest of your ilk want to make us believe that the reasons he did what he did was because of multiculturalism or the existence of Muslims in Europe.

Some terrorists are Muslim but not Muslims are terrorist FACT

Breivik is a terrorist but not all Norwegians are terrorists FACT

You continue to deny the truth because it does not suit your sick idea of fermenting hate against anybody who is not like you.

I suppose every sane forum has banned you long ago. Hopefully The Local will come to its senses and ban you along with your other hatemongering scum friends.
15:20 April 18, 2012 by Camlon
Why should SD change because some psycho in another country used an extreme version of their ideology to justify killing 77 people. Palestinians do that all the time, without any calls of change. If there was a Muslim who did, I don't think politicians would demand Muslims to change, because they a less extreme version of Muslim fundamentalists.

Rick: If you have looked around, you will see that the local is more moderate than the big Swedish forums. Most Swedish people do not know the real data. They do not know how many are coming, they do not know about the rising social problems, how many asylum seekers are cheaters or what will happen in the future. If they did, SD would get a lot more votes. That is also why the other parties do not want to debate SD.

The people who do find out the real data, will get pissed off . And you see a lot of them at Flashback or especially Fria Tider. In comparison, there are a lot more racist members on Swedish forums, compared to Norway or here. The reason you see more anti-immigration and racist people here, is that more people are finding out, and Sweden is turning more crazy.
15:35 April 18, 2012 by Uncle

I am excited to see you so vibrant and colourful. Makes my day.

What I fail to determine, is whether you read what I write and purposely modify my statements, or you simply do not understand in the darkness of your malfunctioning reality perspective. Perhaps both.

Point where I claimed that "all muslims are terrorists", you simpleton! QUOTE me.

I am ONLY saying that all muslim run states use racist methodologies to implement their policies. FACT. Religious minorities in Europe are exposed to violence in MAJORITY from the hands of muslims. FACT. Situation of females in all muslim states has somewhere to progress. FACT. Situation of sexual minorities in muslim communities and countries has slight improvement suggestions. FACT. Holocaust denial is coming from Nazis AND Muslim leaders/scholars/religious figures. FACT.

Not all Norwegians are Breivik, but Norway is not hanging gays, does not allow torture in prisons, does not organize demonstrations that burn consulates, does not promote Holocaust denial and Jew hatred in its education system. Norwegians do not raise sex crimes statistics upon their immigration. Norwegians do not demand from other countries to remove their symbols from public institutions. It does not artificially starve population in order to suppress rebellions. Norwegians do not target civilian population as means of expression of disagreement.

Now point out one thing that is incorrect. Point at the difference between religion that is followed to the letter and philosophy that is followed to the letter. By the way, a definition of hate crime includes "political affiliation", so your hatred towards Nazis should qualify you for a total ban as well and put you in the same pot with all us "racists".

So I propose that you work on gettin the normal colour back to your face, wipe the sweat and breathe…
16:33 April 18, 2012 by Pakistani_Student
i see many crusaders like brevik in this comment section, ...
18:24 April 18, 2012 by Rod Munch
+++You in your posts are promoting the same false and ill informed views that Breivik read and resulting in him killing 77 people, none of whom deserved to die.+++

And Rick, in your posts you are an unabashed supporter of unchecked ME/NA immigration to all European countries. Thus, you are promoting the staggering increases in rape, violent crime and murder that have come as a result of what you are promoting. How does it feel to have a hand in the deaths of people such as Elin Krantz? The old lady in the parking lot in Landskrona? How about the comatose, 61-year old man in Gbg? 80 to 100% of the rapes occurring in the Nordic countries these days? How badly does it suck for your own faulty logic to be turned against you?
19:45 April 18, 2012 by Kublai
Pakistani_student and Ricky, you remind me of a muslim terrorist and a left wing terrorist respectivly. Your hatred of everything swedish or western is sickening and your attempts to make Sweden democrats guilty by association is disgusting.

Sweden Democrats wants to reduce immigration because they realise that a no country in the world can afford to be the "socialkontor" for everyone who wants a free ride and free housing for the rest of his/hers life. And mass immigration together with high unemployment breeds crime. SD are trying to save Sweden while media and the other political parties are trying to...well, I don't know what they are trying to. Maybe they don't even know it themselves.

And while you are calling everyone with a different view than yours for racists, have a think about this - Breivik killed 77 people. How many have died because of mass immigration (rapes, murders, arson, elderly who have died sooner than they would have after being assaulted and robbed, sick and wounded dying because hospitals are not getting the resources they need, resources that goes to pay for this immigration)? How many have died the world over in the name of islam the last 20 years?
15:30 April 19, 2012 by polkas
just a question why dont you call Breivik as a Christian terrorist as well?

when it comes to terrorists from middle east (muslims) , you easily name them as musimterrorists.

17:33 April 19, 2012 by Rod Munch

Because if you have been following the story at all, Breivik didn't commit these murders in the name of Christianity or Jesus Christ. Where is the hypocrisy?
17:55 April 19, 2012 by nathan45
@ Comment #18 I agree completely with you I fear for the future of my proud people. The white race is in steep decline and all countries they inhabit are receiving far too much immigration.

I dont agree with violence like that Brevic guy he's a monster but I don't want to watch my proud people just roll over and die. No other race is in such danger and more should be done to ensure we get to live on this earth for as long as the other races.
02:57 April 20, 2012 by phil23456
The Swedish Democrats have nothing to do with the actions of one mad man in Norway so why should they change. And do you mean democratic when you say populist? It seems populism is the new word for democracy because that's what it is.
04:52 April 20, 2012 by hughknows
@Rick Methven

You want excessive censorship really? When was that ever the answer to anything?

Far be it from me to defend some of the more or less bigoted posters to whom you have referred, but...

"Some terrorists are Muslim but not Muslims are terrorist FACT

Breivik is a terrorist but not all Norwegians are terrorists FACT"

This is true. Also true that Breivik is a terrorist but not all disgruntled right wing The Local posters are mass killers, and in fact by the same rationale they bear as little connection to him as a disgruntled outspoken Muslim might bear to a terrorist.

And yet you say: 'what they are doing is supporting the views and by association actions of Brevik.'

How can you say this when you are at pains to point out elsewhere that one is not guilty by ideological association??

You're lucky political/philosophical view is not so protected by hate crime legislation or you would also have committed one in expressing exaggeratedly pejorative opinions about a group, using generalisation - the basis of all racism, sexism, and religious or sexual discrimination. In calling for the censorship of 'fascist' views the anti-fascist becomes the fascist.

I agree with you on one point though - The Local is, as you point out, exploiting all these ongoing conversations for massive entertainment value.

I personally enjoy reading the alternatively furious and sarcasm-laden exchanges that go on here between left and right. I appreciate the passion, paranoia and fiery rhetoric from the 'usual' anti-Islam good-ol'-boy posters you labelled killers earlier. (Some of whom, thankfully, are a bit more 'Christopher Hitchens' than Confederate lynch mob) But then I also enjoy reading the rabid liberal posters like yourself and cowboykodpiece, so full of outrage, and with an equally willful disregard for your enemy (and, seemingly, logic).

I trust The Local to censor anything truly gratuitous or threatening. Haven't seen anything of that nature in this particular comment section, even though it's certainly a sensitive topic. I'd say there's just a lot of ignorance - which is not ideal, but surely not criminal. Healthy debate can stand up to offensive views. The Norwegians are allowing Brievik to talk, and will even publish his words. People despise what he did but that society still allows him to air his views in public, knowing that the public can listen and make up their own minds. (The vast majority having done so the day he vilely murdered all those poor people.)
22:39 April 20, 2012 by Euro22
It is the same as asking Muslims to give up their push for Islamic law - because some people elect to use violence to establish the Sharia state.

In addition Breivik was inspired by the Islamic terrorist group - Al Qaeda!!

I think it is perfectly within reason to say we don't want Islamic law in Europe.

Religion and state are separate - thank you!!

Never mind the bothersome details - of Shari'a - like Muslims have more rights than Muslims - there can be no equality unless you convert.... The truth is it is unacceptable to talk about the reality - that we are either to say is perfectly good or be called a racist!

Or do we move steadily towards the Saudi position and lock people up for questioning Islam!!

The trial is moving on and at least we are hearing what - he 'really' thought!!

And everyone is shocked!!

It's unspeakable.
00:31 April 21, 2012 by Iraniboy
@Euro22 He said he was inspired by Al-qaida but he shares your views of banning Islam. Apparently this mass murderer has more supporters overseas!

you tube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dG0MKzkaYN0

He said that his actions were "based on goodness, not evil", and that he had acted to defend Norway against immigration and multiculturalism. Breivik was also questioned about his religious beliefs by a lawyer for the victims. He said he wanted to prevent the "de-Christianisation of Europe".
12:27 April 21, 2012 by Snob
Breivik is the result of a society bereft of classical traditional values and rich heritage where nonsense egalitarianism is celebrated....the youth are revolting against flippant and cool politicians and leaders who love swinging beer and watching pathetic sports....man of the masses!!

Good for you....now face the trauma and this has little to do with immigration or foreigners please listen carefully but sickening society stuffed with IT programmers and flunkies talking politics in bar!!! In Sweden every junkie or flunkie can attend university and then open his or her stupid mouth and speak rubbish,,,,no elitism of education no grandeur....of any sorts.....I am amazed how the word elite and heritage has become a taboo in these fantasy societies of Norway and Sweden yet the people are suffering every day!!
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A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

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This is Malmö: Football capital of Sweden
Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Here's where it could snow in central Sweden this weekend
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
Blog updates

6 October

10 useful hjälpverb (The Swedish Teacher) »

"Hej! I think the so-called “hjalpverb” (auxiliary verbs in English) are a good way to get…" READ »


8 July

Editor’s blog, July 8th (The Local Sweden) »

"Hej readers, It has, as always, been a bizarre, serious and hilarious week in Sweden. You…" READ »

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7 reasons you should join Sweden's 'a-kassa'
Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
Property of the week: Linnéstaden, Gothenburg
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How to vote absentee from abroad in the US elections
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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'There was no future for me in Turkey'
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
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'There was no future for me in Turkey'
People-watching: October 12th
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
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Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
Sweden unveils Europe's first elk hut
People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
Nobel Prize 2016: Chemistry
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