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'Racist' cake sparks new Brussels rebuke

19 Apr 2012, 13:45

Published: 19 Apr 2012 13:45 GMT+02:00

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"This incident is deeply insulting to people who suffer racist taunts on a daily basis and to women affected by female genital mutilation," Chibo Onyeji, chair of the Brussels-based European Network Against Racism (ENAR) wrote in a letter to prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

"If no action is taken, the Swedish Government will clearly be sending the message that racist prejudices are socially and legally acceptable."

The letter, released on Thursday, is the latest protest against Adelsohn Liljeroth for her involvement with an art installation by artist Makode Linde at Stockholm's Moderna Museet in which she cut into a cake depicting a naked black woman.

According to ENAR, the cake was a "stereotypical racist representation of a black woman" which is indicative of an increase in "Afrophobia" in Sweden.

The group also cited in 2011 incident at Lund University in which a group of students dressed up as African slaves for a costume party in what ENAR called "racist representations of the transatlantic slave trade".

"ENAR’s 2010-11 Shadow Report on racism in Sweden also highlights an increase in Afrophobia in Sweden, including discrimination, harassment and hate crimes committed against people of African descent," Onyeji warned.

The group urged the Swedish government to "at least make a public apology" for Adelsohn Liljeroth's participation in what it called a "racist event" and to increase investment in anti-racist activities at the local and national level.

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ENAR however stopped short of calling for the culture minister's dismissal, a demand first made by the National Afro-Swedish Association (Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund) immediately following the April 15th incident.

While Adelsohn Liljeroth has expressed her regret over the incident and met with representatives from the association on Wednesday night, the Afro-Swedish Association remains firm in its call for her to step down.

Meanwhile, artist Makode Linde, who is was born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and west-African father, has said that his installation has been misinterpreted, arguing neither he nor the minister are racists.

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"That we live in a racist society and that I'm treated differently because of my skin colour is something I realized early in my life," he wrote in an opinion article in the Aftonbladet newspaper.

"It's only when hidden racism is made visible that it can destroyed. That's what my work as an artist tries to highlight."

David Landes

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14:12 April 19, 2012 by bcterry
I never heard this group, or the one in Sweden say word one about the thousands of Arabs in Egypt a couple of months ago screaming death to all jews., or the Arab muslims, and others elsewhere teaching their children to hate jews.

Where's their condemnation and demands for apologies over that?

No surprise there.

Now they're all up over a cake which has no basis in fact for claims of racism.

The artist is 1/2 black, so just who in the hell was his so called racism directed against?
14:16 April 19, 2012 by darky
The earlier you realise that this afrophobia is inborn in this area, the better for you. I think my next studies will be to try and identify (decode) the genes that code for racism... Maybe from here , we can find a solution to this bulsh'''t and know how to deal with these idiots..
14:25 April 19, 2012 by Jes
Makode is either stupid or wet naive . It is illogical to insinuate that making fun of an African woman`s body is one way of destroying "hidden racism". This is like saying that to discourage suicide wich is commmon among young Swedes , one should cut a cake made of a dead body hanging on a rope.
14:33 April 19, 2012 by towns
This is getting ridiculous, this "racist cake" has been all over the news from the United States to Russia and not one major mainstream media outlet is reporting on the atrocities being committed everyday by the new, anti-Gaddafi government of Libya against its Black Libyan citizens.

The worst human rights abuses against Black Libyans are currently being committed and morons like the National Afro-Swedish Association are crying foul over a cake, a CAKE!!!
14:41 April 19, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
This is INSANE!! The cake & the cake cutting is not racist! The whole point was to draw attention to the barbaric act of female genital mutilation. Why is no one outraged over that?!
14:56 April 19, 2012 by rami_20

Dont be ridiculous. This was wrong in the same way as the minister, pushing a Jewish gingerbread man into a oven, would be to highlight persecution of Jews. Ridiculous I tell you.
14:58 April 19, 2012 by skogsbo
EU anti racism group = a bunch who do-gooders who actually do nothing at tax payer expense.
15:00 April 19, 2012 by Texrusso
www.racistreport.org says: This case has been deeply misunderstood. Good intentions gone bad. Sweden is still the most immigrant friendly and most racial tolerant country in Europe.

Please read our blogs: www.racistreport.org -- Global movement against Racism!!

With your help we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity. If you have been subjected to any form of descrimination because of your skin colour, race, culture or ethnicity please share your story with the World and get help.

Quote: www.racistreport.org --- Fight Against Racism!!
15:01 April 19, 2012 by star10
@Spuds MacKenzie

What you should notice is that this act relates femal genital mutilation with skin color. That is racism (since it is generalizing that blacks have the habit of femal genital mutilation). Go to a Stockholm street and tell a black women that she does it. I think that is offensive.
15:12 April 19, 2012 by kirub
When will we have a cake of the Minister feast?
15:12 April 19, 2012 by Jes
@towns , the only moron is you !

intelligent people are capable of condeming what is happening in Libya plus the racism in Sweden . At least the thugs in Libya have not claimed to be civilized "superior people "who fight for women`s rights by reducing their situation into a silly bloody cake.

@Spuds MAcKenzie , if it was just a CAKE , why don`t you relax and wait for genital mulitators go away ?

But again , if you have not heard the outrage against thepractice of genital mutilation , this subject is obviuosly above you.
15:13 April 19, 2012 by Texrusso
www.racistreport.org says: This case has been deeply misunderstood. Good intentions gone bad. Sweden is still the most immigrant friendly and most racial tolerant country in Europe.

Please read our blogs: www.racistreport.org -- Global movement against Racism!!

With your help we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity. If you have been subjected to any form of descrimination because of your skin colour, race, culture or ethnicity please share your story with the World and get help.

Quote: www.racistreport.org --- Fight Against Racism!!
15:17 April 19, 2012 by gorgepir
I think it the fact that so many news organizations have reported this over the globe and branded it as a "racist" act discredits those who think this was a smart way to raise awareness on this issue. Most of the news organizations barely even mention the cause. People have a limited attention span, and make snap judgement. That is just how the world is.

So in conclusion, a stupid idea badly executed. Female genital mutilation is a horrible act. That does not mean it is a good idea to try to raise awareness on this issue via a stupid act. Unless you are one of the conspiracy theorists.
15:21 April 19, 2012 by Puffin
Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of some Swedish politicians - very little in some cases I suspect. But you could expect them to be a little media savvy

If you are invited to cut "down there" into a cake shaped like an African woman - where the head is a real person that screams with every cut - would it not be a great idea to demur/claim gluten intolerance etc than to stand their as a white woman laughing while simulating female circumcision!! Just to stop the media circus

According to the creator - who I heard interviewed on the radio - the Minister was a part of the "art"

Although the artist also claimed it was a figure derived from the blackface/black and white minstrels which I believed did have racist overtones
15:25 April 19, 2012 by RobinHood
The "Brussels-based" European Network Against Racism is not any part of the European Union or the Council of Europe, or any other official organisation. It is a self-appointed, self-important tin-pot NGO that has an office in Brussels so it, assisted by media organisations such as The Local, can deliberately mislead people into thinking it has some kind of official EU capacity or approval by connecting its name with Brussels.

The European Network Against Racism is yet to condemn the mutilation of hundreds of millions of African children. If no action is taken, it and its supporters here, will clearly be sending the message that genital mutilation is socially and legally acceptable. Many of the posters here screeching racism without condemning FGM, actually do find the mutilation of children acceptable.

What do these people possibly have to tell us about racism that might be useful?
15:26 April 19, 2012 by Lenny1941
If it would be an Israeli minister, we would hear a global world condemnation with outrage in Sweeden. But it is Swedish minister, so we are patient, we don't understand the noise, all in all we are good guys, just our good intention went wrong ...
15:29 April 19, 2012 by towns
@ Jes

Wow, you called me a moron, well you've certainly put me in my place with your elementary school frisbee playing! (Not).

God forbid someone can actually mention real issues on here!
15:31 April 19, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@Jes Ummm, these female genital mutliations ARE an African thing tho! Sonthat's why the artist (a black man by the way) chose to depict the cake as a black woman.
15:33 April 19, 2012 by strixy
WHAT? The real problem is female circumcision not the stupid cake! Get over it! Where are all those groups when 2000 girls in the UK alone undergo this barbaric procedure every single year?

Oriana Fallaci was right - ths is the end of Europe. If a cake offends us more than female circumcision itself, this is the end.
15:36 April 19, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
Post 18 was meant for @Star10
15:38 April 19, 2012 by towns
Jes wrote: "At least the thugs in Libya have not claimed to be civilized superior people"

Actions speak louder than words. If you're going to put people of a different race in cages simply for the fact they are of a different race (like they are doing in Libya) than that indicates to me that you view yourself as "superior"
15:39 April 19, 2012 by Svensksmith
Why is all the anger directed at Lijeroth? She didn't bake the cake. If you really must have your pound of flesh, have the cake baker stripped to the waist and publicly flogged.
15:46 April 19, 2012 by towns
strixy wrote: "If a cake offends us more than female circumcision itself, this is the end."

Well said!
15:49 April 19, 2012 by bcterry
14:56 April 19, 2012 by rami_20


Dont be ridiculous. This was wrong in the same way as the minister, pushing a Jewish gingerbread man into a oven, would be to highlight persecution of Jews. Ridiculous I tell you. "

Sorry, that's a "ridiculous" statement of equivalence,

The comparison is not even remotely close.
16:06 April 19, 2012 by jimmyjames
First off, this thing you label as "racism" is very natural and has been programmed into all homo sapians DNA. I know that makes a great many of you "progressives" extremely uncomfortable. A while back in the USA liberals, progressives, and other self-styled elites where confounded and distressed over a situation in American schools from coast to coast, i.e.; dispite decades of court ordered busing to forcefully racially integrate the schools, despite decades of media propoganda, hundreds of state and federal laws, it seems children, when left totally alone, would ALWAYS self-segregate in the cafeteria when eating and at other purely social school functions.

You see at the end of the day the old adage of, " Birds of a feather flock together" is 100% TRUE. People PREFER the company of people who ARE LIKE THEMSELVES. This driving force is the very reason why you have, the world over, different cultures, different languages, different countries, ect.

There is nothing wrong with wanting your children to marry within the tribe, for you to want to live amongst your own kind, so forth and so on.

Multi-culturism is just as much a failure as communism because it goes against basic instincts. If this wasn't true people would not have to be forced into participation.

If all humans were truely equal Sub-Saharan Africa would be equal to Western Europe and world history would be full of the accomplishments, throughout the centuries, of Sub-Saharan writers, scientists, explorers, ect.
16:13 April 19, 2012 by Kibitz
Racism simply put is about power and those that want to keep their hands on the lever. And what most can clearly see here is that there appears to be a gaping disconnect with regards to the Swedish perception and reasoning of racism. Although the number of Non- Swedes is growing, what is increasingly apparent is that most Swedes and Non-Swedes do not live their lives side by side in a cohesive environment. Swedens failure to teach equality and compassion towards all people, not just white, and to intergrate cultures over the last several decades has sparked a xenophobic attitude towards anyone that is Non-Swede and and even more fear towards people of dark skin and orgins. The Swedish culture has not only allowed racial intolerance, it also supports it. This a culture that found it groundless to remove such a derogatory word as " nigger " fom the cafe menu. This is the society that supported and turned a blind eye to a mock slave auction in Malmö. Racism is hate and fear,and this is what ignites frustration and anger from most that do not understand a culture bent on the constant denial of racism not matter how incredibly obvious. At the end of day, one need not look far to conclude that there is a great deal of growing hate and resenment from Swedes . While the world is changing from region to region, and the four corners of this globe looking ever so closer, what happens to a small place like Sweden that continues to fight to stay white. Raising children that grow up with insecurities and lack the social skill ,grace and compassion to simply try to get along with people regardless of their nationality or skin color? As long as racist continue to deny that racism exist, they dont have to show any compassion or shame and they feel inpowered. Why this is a country that still will not admit that Sweden participated in the slave trade. Sweden has created an image for itself of paradise and harmony, which has been bought into by the rest of the world. Maybe it is time that the world revisit the old model of Sweden to help us all understand, what happened to Sweden?
16:14 April 19, 2012 by towns
@ jimmyjames

Your comment is 100% true except for the very last paragraph, I only wish you hadn't written that last paragraph because now you're going to be called a racist by a tirade of commentators, enjoy!
16:31 April 19, 2012 by Camlon
I tend to be one the cultural conservatives side. I agree that asylum immigration to Sweden needs to be limited, but this time I have to agree.

The cake cutting, with the screaming is pretty racist.
16:53 April 19, 2012 by kristianj
This is getting ridiculous. Why should we care that blacks want to mutilate their children ? I am being forced to embrace different cultures, therefore, if that it what they enjoy doing so be it. Not my problems.

It is having to accept MULTICULTURALISM.
17:08 April 19, 2012 by Smartone
First of all, people who are committing such immoral act should look at their own history before discriminating or insulting any race or gender!

Who immigrated to the land of black people in search of land and treasure?

Who colonized and massacre innocent men and women in Africa?

Who occupied the land of Red Indians (America) and are now known as so-called American?

Shame on all the women who cuts the genital part of a woman in shape of a cake!!!!!!

They are not civilized rather they are pathetic!

Female nature is tend to be kind and timid not cruel and inhumane!

Superficial, uneducated, sick, bizarre and twisted ideology of warriors women!

Let the peace in world and let the people live, stop these bullshits!!!!!!
17:09 April 19, 2012 by Texrusso
Please read our blogs: www.racistreport.org -- Global movement against Racism!!

With your help we can uncover the true impact of racism on humanity. If you have been subjected to any form of descrimination because of your skin colour, race, culture or ethnicity please share your story with the World and get help.

Quote: www.racistreport.org --- Fight Against Racism!!
17:39 April 19, 2012 by strixy
But female genital mutilation IS an African thing. There is no racism in stating a fact.

The cake is tasteless and ugly such as female genital mutilation itself. It reminds me of Gollywoog which wa sindeed a racist image. But....

The cake was designed by a BLACK man.

Now a question for you: If I bake a cake shaped as a caricature of a white woman with beeeg boobs to protest against plastic surgery (which is not half as cruel as depriving women of their clitoris against their will) and ask a black politician to take a cut is it racism?

I don't think so.

The minister was trying to take part in something to raise awareness of the FGM problem. Sadly, none of the anti-racist organisations protesting has ever done anything to raise awareness of FGM. Speaks for itself.
17:44 April 19, 2012 by libertarianism
Google picture search "Female Genital Mutilation".

Female genital mutilation is prevalent in 27 of the 46 WHO regions in Africa. Over 100 million girls/women have undergone genital mutilation. Most live in Africa. Some live in the Middle East, in Asia, or in immigrant communities in Canada, US, European countries, etc.

Female genital mutilation = slice off, pierce, prick, stretch, burn young girls' clitorises, labia, and/or stitch up their vaginal openings, etc.

Google picture search "Female Genital Mutilation".

Re 26, In all fairness, aside from racism, MACHETES and GANG RAPE and EXORCISMS and FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION and HONOR BEATINGS / KILLINGS and SHARIA LAW are other reasons that Swedes and non-Swedes do not live side-by-side. :(
17:46 April 19, 2012 by towns
@ so-called "Smartone" (#30)

How exactly is what the Arabs, British, French, Belgians, Dutch and Italians did in Africa and what the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese did in the Americas relevant to Liljeroth and the "racist cake?"

What next? Your probably going to mention what Idi Amin did to the people of South Asian origin in Uganda or what the Mughals did to the Hindus in India, or what Pol Pot did to his own people, how all of this is relevant to this article is anyone's guess.
18:11 April 19, 2012 by chantal11
After living in Sweden for a year... it's sad to say that this doesn't surprise me. I have never been surrounded by so much racism as I have encounter in this country.

I honestly wouldn't expect anything else form this country.

It may be naive of me to think that I wouldn't be on the receiving end of racist treatment (due to my canadian, white skinned, blue eyed, brown haired self) but it has been really hard to live here. I have encountered so much cruelty towards me, my husband and our other "out-sider" friends. I couldn't imagine the torment that other non-swedish races encounter when they move here.

Before I moved to Sweden- I had a stereotype in my head. "blond haired, blue eyed, friendly, happy people". I was in for a shock when I got here. Even with learned basic Swedish- I was discriminated against on a frequent basis. Swedes may be nice to each other, but to non-swedes... i have never felt so hated before just because I wasn't born here.

I am luckily moving in the next couple weeks and am extremely grateful to be. My thoughts and opinions of Sweden are not positive. I hope one day they are more accepting of "out-siders" but until then... the horrendous racist acts will continue. Its really sad.
18:12 April 19, 2012 by prince T
If Robinfool or hood can shut up be quiet for a minute. Pls think before u write here again. The woman apologised and dissociated herself from the foolish act. Even Nkonde admitted that he was making mockery of the subtle racism he suffers in sweden.

This is an act that has brought rebuke from all corners of the world. This foolish act only happen in sweden and our children should not be made to think it is normal. RESPECT OTHERS VALUE. By the way u cannot deport me to anywhere except sweden.
18:22 April 19, 2012 by towns
@chantal11 (#35)

Well that is interesting, I'm "white Canadian" too and from living, studying and working in Sweden I have never experienced any racism from ethnic Swedes towards me, in fact I've actually encountered more racism directed towards myself in Canada (from some Indo-Canadian coworkers) than in Sweden.
19:17 April 19, 2012 by prince T
towns if indo canadians are red indians then it will be interesting to me too. These are people that the white canadians took their land. destroyed them mentally and psychologically. They are now being accused of racism. I have travelled to canada and the red indians are the poorest of the poor in the country. which part of sweden do you live Towns, i doubt you are a canadian. with all the superior facilities they have in canada, you decided to come to sweden. is it the swedish language or the blonds that atttracted you here.
19:32 April 19, 2012 by procrustes
Given the consistently purifying bad taste of Swedish advertising with respect to race, age, gender (male) and sexual themes, I'm not surprised that Swedish people don't get the outrage over the cake.

Let me try to break it down for you: 1) The cake face, neck, breasts were depicted in the most racially insulting form possible. 2) The hilarity expressed during the cutting of the cake-genitals was diametrically opposed to (if the purpose of the event was to decry sexual mutilation) what should have been a somber moment. 3) If the issue was about genital mutilation of women, the color and form of the woman would have been racially neutral.

I understand that Swedes don't understand the outrage. I'll not comment on why I think that is. In any case, this cake-mutilating-woman must be booted from government.
19:40 April 19, 2012 by towns
Good God, prince T you are a total idiot. Indo-Canadian refers to Canadians of South Asian origin, First Nations is used to describe the people you refer to. I love First Nations people, you ought to be ashamed of your comment!
19:44 April 19, 2012 by strixy
If the issue was about genital mutilation of women, the color and form of the woman would have been racially neutral.

I don't think so. It's not all women who are mutilated in this way but exclusively BLACK WOMEN.

Listen to the victims such as Fatima Siad and others. And try and find one single white woman among them. Don't fool yourself. Genital mutilation has a colour and it is not white and not grey. It is endemic to certain area such as sharia law is endemic to another are. European women have their problems but FGM is not one of them. It came from Africa.
19:46 April 19, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
In the words of the minister, "I was invited to speak at World Art Day about art's freedom and the right to provoke. And then they wanted me to cut the cake."

The impression one gets is that it's not as if she was suddenly confronted with the cake that she was supposed to cut - and without additional reflection, she went straight ahead and did the cutting...

So you think that this outrage is something? Well, thinking about comparative outrage, re- all the hullabaloo that "circumcision of young boys for religious and non-medical reasons ought to be banned in Sweden",

Let Makode Aj Linde or Lars Vilks make an effigy or bake a cake that looks like Moshe Finkelstein and unlike a legitimized mohel let Adelsohn Liljeroth "symbolically" start restoring his foreskin or some other kind of unordained experiment with his foreskin there at the Modern Museum and she would live to behold some fallout the likes of which she has not seen before. I have a fair idea what Zvi Mazel himself could do on the spot, if he just happened to be there....

Someone is going to say, " It's not the same thing!"
19:56 April 19, 2012 by towns
@ prince T

Actually I apologize for calling you an idiot. It's just that your assumption that "I'm not Canadian" struck a personal nerve with me since my mother's family has been in Canada for several generations and my great-grandmother was an Ojibwa. I was also upset that you mistakenly thought "Indo-Canadian" referred to Canada's indigenous people and you thought I was insulting Canada's indigenous (First Nations) population. Something I would NEVER do!
20:44 April 19, 2012 by strixy
@ Cornelius Hamelberg

I am of Jewish descent and to me you can bake one cake of every single circumcised Jewsih man/boy on this planet. I seriously do not give a f**k.

More so, I recognise it is the circumcision that is a problem, not the cake.

Nevertheless, yes, it is not the same. Sewing labia together so that menstrual blood cannot flood out and causes infections, discomfort and sickness is not the same as removing a piece of loose skin. I do agree however any circumcision is unnecessary.

However, clitoris is what makes penis in male foetuses. Therefore, the removal of clitoris equals the removal of the whole penis.
21:08 April 19, 2012 by Smartone
@ towns: Read this article before you make any illogical comment:

"ENAR's 2010-11 Shadow Report on racism in Sweden also highlights an increase in Afrophobia in Sweden, including discrimination, harassment and hate crimes committed against people of African descent,"

In this case, Africans are targeted as they were targeted in past, in order you to understand you need to go through the African Colonial Period! Anyways, if you believe all men and women born equal then no one has right to humiliate or insult any race or gender! I don't understand the double standard why people are supporting/defending an act which promotes hatred and eventually generates criminality by segregation!

Learn to love and live happily! Thank you to be a good citizen!
22:06 April 19, 2012 by saab
To: procrustes

On cakes, I prefer dark chocolate to white chocolate and oh yes, on the living female, the intact clitoris and labia to the butchered one.

But maybe I am just culturally insensitive and too "Swiss" for the progressives on this blog who see racism under every rock, I mean cake.
22:06 April 19, 2012 by rise
Racist this and racist that!


Racists, racists, racists... zzzzzz...
22:13 April 19, 2012 by oldonpalouse
The cake is gross, but 'art' can be that way. Dealing with differences is so complex. Some people hope that humans will interbreed and these distinctions will eventally go away. No more blonds, no more swahili warriors.

We need thousands of years to solve either problem.
22:19 April 19, 2012 by J Jack
Stop picking on the minister .. she need not resign, she should be fired .. everyone taking part, including the black moaning head dude should be publicly shamed for this queerly distorted behavior.
22:19 April 19, 2012 by patriotemeritus
If you think only Africans are brutal to women and think that the White Western civilization upholds the dignity of women perfectly, please do read this and reflect on it before lashing your tongue.


Fix the problems in the local back yard before crossing over to the African one to attempt to fix their problems. Understand and embrace other people's cultures. Don't be a in ignorant bigot. Educate yourself before you claim that you know them well enough to provide a critique.
22:43 April 19, 2012 by bcterry
Fix the problems in the local back yard before crossing over to the African one to attempt to fix their problems. Understand and embrace other people's cultures. Don't be a in ignorant bigot. Educate yourself before you claim that you know them well enough to provide a critique. "

Call me an "ignorant bigot", but i would never "embrace" this cultural misogynistic sadism.

What's next, we should "understand and embrace" cultural honor killing?
22:44 April 19, 2012 by Jeff10
Racist, schmacist. If you are of a majority race (i.e., negroid or asian - in the world, caucasians are the minority race) and you want to end racism, try this:

Get and keep a job, respect education and learning, respect and follow laws, stop the silly primitive practices of islame or whatever is your religion.

And, since whites of the caucasian race are the world's minority race, consider everything done by whites as simply a self-initiated affirmative action taken by, for, and on behalf of the world's minority race.

There, now don't you all feel much better knowing what you majority races need to do in order to live with the world's minority race?
03:38 April 20, 2012 by phil23456
European nation states need to stop listening to Euro fascists, EU nationalism is a big danger. This video is disturbing but there are many more problems in the world than a few people cutting a cake, this stunt wasn't suppose to be racist anyway.
06:14 April 20, 2012 by prince T
Towns. You have earned my respect for your action. I call what you have done maturity. This is what the minister should have done on the first day. Jag beklagar också
10:52 April 20, 2012 by stevo1
What BS!

if the cake was white, there would be no story here.

I think I'm going to become "International" and just hate everybody....seems this is the way to go as I cant be labeled racist if everyone gives me the sh*ts!
11:06 April 20, 2012 by rise

Hehe, I despise all kinds of humans so clearly I am not a racist. ;)
11:16 April 20, 2012 by Da Goat
I am still surprised that morons still find this "racist" even after it being spelled out for them in detail

one it was art, two it is a cake and three it was making a point. (that doing anything else would have lost the message)

the artist and minister did well and the morons I hope have amplified their good work.

remember it is about FGM not a black cake !
11:56 April 20, 2012 by Jes
dear@towns , sorry I called you a moron . I really don`t know where I got that word from .

@ Da goat the Minister has apologized for the harmless "art" . She must be a moron , yes ?
12:04 April 20, 2012 by bobalong
Getting all steamed up over this is just ridiculous. Why don't people just get a life and concentrate on the more important things in the word worth getting heated up over. Racist my backside. Who are they trying to kid?

It is just an excuse to start whinging and whining over nothing as usual. Get a sense of reality for goodness sake.

My black friends laughed at it and saw nothing wrong with it at all. So who exactly is so outraged over this and why?
12:22 April 20, 2012 by Jes
A silly question to one wise @strixy : if a white artist made a cake depicting a Swedish homosexual youth hanging on a rope after committing suicide ( a culture of sorts in sweden ) would you have a problem of the Minister of whatever refused to cut it even she7he is told ( in proper Swedish ) that this is only about highlighting the well known suicide epidemy in Sweden ?
13:58 April 20, 2012 by Victoria Amerikansk
Everyone is convenently ignoring that the "art" was a statement about FGM, female genital mutilation, in which little girls get their genitalia cut off. This is a barbaric, horrific practice that must stop! Liljeroth should not apologize. Instead she should be thanked for increasing awareness of FGM.
14:50 April 20, 2012 by Jes
What do you mean "Everyone " ?

Does anybody with a proper brain think that by demeaning black women Lijeron has helped the victims FGM , really ?
17:25 April 20, 2012 by Cornelius Hamelberg
strixy @#44

I get your point - I was also separated from my foreskin when I was eight days old.

But it's not your personal reaction or mine that's so important here - if indeed - symbolically speaking ( let's say some Iranian cartoonist ) or even a less humorous person baked the cake of some Jewish-looking guy and got Lena to perform the bris milah at the Modern Museum as a symbolical act of opposition to what they might think is a savage custom i.e. the Covenant which is honoured by Jewish Male circumcision - I think that the collective sense of outrage among the Jews in Sweden and beyond would be far worse than what mayor Reepalu has had to contend with so far....

Take a look at the cake ----I suppose that it would also be kosher for you to eat it and that would be neither here nor there.

It's expected that the same people who would be outraged about the Jewish thing could also show some sensitivity about what members of the only race there is in town cries foul....
18:20 April 20, 2012 by Jeff10
The uproar about this shows why black communities and nations have such problems related to pathological behaviors. So-called racism is the least of these nations' and communities' problems. They need to focus upon their own pathological behaviors and stop alleging that racism is the cause of such behaviors. This includes crime, drug abuse, lack of respect for education and work ethic, etc.

Until such black communities and nations recognize that the problem is the behavior of members of such communities and nations, they will never solve the problem of these behaviors, because a problem can't be solved until one is honest about what's the cause of the problem.
23:35 April 20, 2012 by Victoria Amerikansk
Cutting off foreskin is NOT the equivalent of FGM. Female Genital Mutilation is the biological equivalent of cutting off the entire penis.

Sweden has the right to speak out against this horrible horrible practice. I personally don't care whether anyone thinks it's racist or not, the message needs to get out there. FGM is far worse than one stupid cake could ever be.
00:05 April 21, 2012 by Mbenzi

This is what it is all about. The aim of the thing was quite the opposite, an action to protect African women against genital mutilation.

But the cake, or "the piece of art", was bad chosen because we all know that the world is full of people who are just looking for a chance to feel offended. The reaction should consequently have been anticipated.

There are "anti-racists" who banned the word 'black', "because everybody knows that they are colored". I have many friends who are black, some of them like that word and other prefer other words. What happened to "Black is Beautiful"?

In most cases there is no need for a word at all, but sometimes it is significant to a topic. Other people may dislike the word "colored" (who 'colored' them, and what color did they have before?).

But yes, I have seen a lot of real racism in Sweden. Many blacks dislike Swedes because they believe their color is the reason for all of their bad luck.

Or immigrants from some cultures, for which it is unthinkable that their daughter marries a Swede. She must marry somebody from her own group, even risking to be killed if she doesn't.

Then you have a group of traditional Swedes, who engage in racist activities, shouting slogans and so on. Those are easy to recognize and 'normal' people dislike them.
00:30 April 21, 2012 by Victoria Amerikansk
Mbenzi, I think that most traditional swedish people are opposed to racism based on skin color, but the real problem is when people are too culturally different. Sweden has their own cultural beliefs. It's not like the USA, where it's understood to be a land of immigrants.

Boys are not circumcised in Swedish tradition, in fact it's considered child abuse traditionally. Girls getting cut up down-there is about 100X worse, to swedish people. This is a culture clash. Yes, Sweden does have their own culture, so why be surprised when immigrants come here with offensive cultural practices such as FGM, and swedish people don't like it? Swedish people have the right to put a stop to this horrible practice.
04:30 April 21, 2012 by strixy

Your analogy lacks on so many levels I really do not know how to spell it out for you.

Suicide is a choice. FGM performed on schoolgirls is not. If a grown up woman wants to have HER vagina mutilated, I don't care. But if it's her daughter's vagina then I do care very much because there is no consent and no informed choice involved.

Suicide is a choice as highlighted by Seneca. Some prefer to end their life rather than live in mysery. As long as it is their life they end not someone else's, this is none of my business. And none of your business.

Your analogy is simply stupid. Sorry,
12:08 April 23, 2012 by Jes
@strixy , , I was not aware that I was "simply stupid" until you made me realize that committing suicide is a private choice and ( therefore ) nobody else`s business .

@Victoria Amerikansk , don`t we all wish the world was flat ?

Unfortunately , realitity is that nobody is perfect .As you notice , Sweden produces a few @ strixyes that are as empty headed as that mother who thinks that cutting her daughter is as harmless as choosing to committ suicide

Horrible as the act of genetial mutilation is , it not up to Sweden to stop it . If this thing is ever going to be eliminated , one must resist the temptation to insult those societies that still consider FGM as part of their traditions / customs. But since you seem to be familiar with this issue , I take it that you that you are aware of the efforts that have been made so far to educate socities that practice FGM .

I repeat : making images that insult black people is no way to stop FGM .

As any "Amerikansk" ought to know , carrying around bloody images of dead babies - by anti.abortionists -has not stopped Americans from carrying out abortions.

But , strixy might reason (??!! ) that american mothers have the right to eliminate children they are not prepared to look after .
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