Middle-aged Swedish women loving Löfven

Stefan Löfven, new head of the Social Democrats, has attracted new voters to the party, in particular middle class women aged 55 and up. The Social Democrats have increased in popularity steadily since Löfven took over Håkan Juholt's position as party leader.

Middle-aged Swedish women loving Löfven

In the three months since taking on the job, Löfven has inspired confidence in all voters’ groups, according to a study done by research institute Demoskop together with national newspaper Expressen.

The study clearly showed which groups have been flooding back to the Social Democratic party: voters aged 55 and up, women, labourers, middle class and those living in smaller towns and villages.

Political scientist Jonas Hinnfors believes the explanation for the large increase among voters older than 55 lies with the current government’s inability to handle the criticised geriatric care.

In this age group, support for the Social Democrats has increased from 26 percent to 41 percent in just three months.

According to Hinnfors, Löfven has succeeded in attracting women to the party through highlighting welfare and the public sector as important, Expressen reported.

The study showed that support for the Social Democrats had not increased as much among younger, well-educated voters living in bigger cities.

“I see them as an important group. We have to get young and successful people in cities to consider us as an alternative,” commented Löfven to Expressen.

“If you’ve got a good job, perhaps as an engineer, and you live in a big city, you ought to feel that the Social Democrats are a success for me. That’s important.”

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