Swedish farmer shoots and kills cow-eating bear

Swedish farmer shoots and kills cow-eating bear
A farmer in western Sweden recently shot a bear dead after it attacked his cattle for the second time in one week.

The farmer, from Lekvattnet, near Torby, had already lost one of his calves to the hungry bear, which had most likely just woken from its winter hibernation.

“On Sunday night the bear took a calf from me,” said the farmer to the Jakt och Jägare hunting magazine.

“I noticed the bear just outside the paddock where he was standing and eating something.”

The farmer claims to have walked away to avoid disturbing the animal while he was eating, fearing it might attack him too.

When the farmer’s noticed his cattle acting strangely again on Tuesday night, he took action, fetching his gun to shoot the bear.

Per Larsson of the Värmland county council was among the first on the scene among the confused cattle after the incident.

“Some of them were due to give birth at any time. The cows weren’t the least bit scared of the bear, but stood and glared at it,” said Larsson to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The farmer waited for the opportune time before firing a shot at the bear.

“The bear was on the way toward the cows and when it was 15 metres away I took my shot,” he told the Jakt och Jägare hunting magazine.

The bear was hit directly by the shot, and ran towards a fence where it dropped dead.

The Torsby police were called to the scene and they hauled the 138 kilogramme bear to the local police station.

Police quickly opened an investigation to determine whether the farmer was in violation of hunting laws.

It has since been decided that he was within his rights to kill the bear as his livestock were threatened, wrote the paper.

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