Mother and daughter reconciled over lotto win

A mother and daughter who became estranged after winning three million kronor ($445,428) on a scratch lottery card were in court on Monday to determine the rightful owner of the winnings.

Mother and daughter reconciled over lotto win

It was in January, 2011 when the Triss lotto card was purchased, however neither the mother, 59, nor daughter, 35, could even agree who bought it.

The pair, who both lived in Blekinge, southern Sweden, won the opportunity to either claim a 500,000 kronor prize or appear in a live television broadcast with a chance to win a higher amount.

The camera-shy mother allegedly asked her daughter to take her place.

When the second stage of the lottery was televised, the family won three million kronor to be paid in monthly installments of 10,000 kronor for 25 years.

However, after the first payment came through in April last year, the rift began. Now the mother and daughter live apart, and are no longer on speaking terms.

The daughter alleges that as it was her on television and her name on the ticket, the money should be hers, whereas the mother argues that she bought the ticket and asked her daughter to appear in her place on the show.

The matter was taken to the district court in Blekinge on Monday to be settled, and prosecutors pushed for reconciliation of the pair.

In the early afternoon, the mother and daughter agreed to reconcile, and their lawyers been given two weeks to negotiate how the money will be divided.

“It’s nice to know this sad story is over,” said the daughter to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

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Mum fesses up 42 years after abandoning baby

A woman who left her infant boy in a stairwell in northern Sweden in 1972 has stepped forward in the hope of meeting her son to ask for forgiveness before she dies.

For a few months in 1972, the newborn boy, who was found in a stairwell in the northern town of Piteå, was Sweden’s most talked about baby.

The case received major media attention and the police launched an operation to find the parents, but the mystery remained unsolved and the boy was eventually adopted.

The mother, now in her eighties, has finally decided to reveal her secret, shocking her other children who had no idea they had a younger brother.

The woman told local newspaper Piteå-Tidningen (PT) that she could no longer bear keeping her secret to herself and that she now hopes to meet her 42-year-old son before she dies.

“I hope the boy can forgive me,” the unnamed woman said.

When she got pregnant with the boy she already had several children – all with the same man, but he left her for another woman.

“He took his rifle and a bag of clothes and left,” the woman told PT.

She worked nights as a cleaner to make ends meet and never told anyone she was pregnant, not even the father.

She gave birth to the boy by herself on her kitchen couch, wrapped him in a blanket and drove off to work a night shift, bringing the baby with her.

She then found herself driving to Piteå, where she left the baby in a plastic bag in the stairwell of an apartment building where a friend of hers lived.

“Today, I can’t understand that I did it. I was a different person,” she said.

The baby, who was in perfect health, was brought to hospital, then placed in an infants’ orphanage and finally adopted.

“Nobody can understand what it’s been like,” said the woman.

“Now it feels better, like I am 100 kilos lighter. I just hope I can get in touch with him and that his adoptive parents have told him that he was adopted.”

Her other children were shocked when she finally told them her secret. They are now keen to meet their younger brother and have tried to find him, but with no luck so far.

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