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'Serbs are like Breivik': Swedish radio host

The Local · 25 Apr 2012, 11:55

Published: 25 Apr 2012 11:55 GMT+02:00

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“He is a controversial person, but this is probably the most serious thing he has done on radio,” said Christer Modig, CEO at MTG Radio to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

In mid-April those who tuned in to the show “Gert’s Värld” (“Gert’s World”) could hear the host, Gert Fylking, say that Serbians were just like the mass murderer Breivik, currently on trial in Oslo.

After saying that “the world is full of these Breivik characters” he continued along the same lines.

“We’ve managed to catch many others as well. We caught these Serbians who acted like bloody swine and killed hundreds of thousands of fleeing people. We caught them. But do you think they are judged by the Serbians? No, the Serbians hail them as heroes. So who are the psychopaths? Is it the majority of the Serbian population that are stupid or is it just these people who are convicted of war crimes that are idiots?,“ the host said according to DN.

The paper reports that the show has created strong reactions that have continued to spread to the Serbian media. The internet newspaper telegraf.rs describes how Fylking called the Serbian people “Breiviks”, “psychopaths” and “stupid”.

Serbian ambassador to Stockholm Dušan Crnogorčević, wrote a letter to the station to register his displeasure with the statement by Fylking.

“These are very serious allegations and completely untrue. As an individual I feel singled out but also as a representative for the Republic of Serbia,” the ambassador told DN.

“There are over 100,000 Serbs who live and work in Sweden and they feel singled out, horrified and angry that someone can categorize a whole population in this way,” he continued.

Fylking retracted his hasty words two days after the show had aired, but as the reactions continued to keep flooding in, the station nevertheless decided to suspend him indefinitely.

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According to MTG's Modig, it is the host’s job to create reactions and get people to phone in to discuss controversial topics.

“But he phrased it clumsily, lumping everyone together and comparing a war to a crazed lunatic. And that is unprepared and rash,” he said to DN.

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Your comments about this article

12:39 April 25, 2012 by gpafledthis
wonderful the ways you stifle the truth-amazing you don't allow the papists to burn the lutherns !!
13:27 April 25, 2012 by Uncle
Serbs are wonderful scapegoat of "tolerance". After all I am sure that he is absolutely positive that by calling serbs all that, he promoted TOLERANCE and defended the weak.

So when Kosovo wants to separate, Swedish tolerance champions assist them in any way to tear off a region that was serb for a thousand years, but when ethnic serbs want to separate from Kosovo, "tolerant" revolutionaries all of a sudden press on Serbia to stop that.

The same champions press on Israel not to respond to missiles shooting that holds one million people in bomb shelters, the same ones blame the Jews in every sin in the world "because of Israel", the same ones are OK with the genocide of the whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa. They are OK with poor little tutsis causing 5 million dead in Congo, because they were previously decided as victim by the tolerant bastards. The same ones are willing to support revolutionaries against "oppressors", even these revolutionaries are Al Qaida or Mugabe.

Their "tolerance" becomes fanatism and they do not see beyond whatever they convinced themselves in. That is how they fall into the traps of actually SAYING whatever they secretly thinking. They are so confused in their fanatism that they even fight for the right of women to be wrapped in a sack - the symbol of these women slavery de facto. At least his boss was sensible enough to kick him out.
13:41 April 25, 2012 by J Jack
That's like calling the Serbs Nazis, unrealistic, there are Nazis all over the world and perhaps some in Serbia also, so what? That is no reason to insult an entire Nation.
13:44 April 25, 2012 by dusanka
What is there to add.Calling whole nations pigs,killers,and what not is totally unacceptable by the world community at large.I wonder how would that person feel if someone somewhere calls all Swedes boozers,drunkards,gays and the like.

Would he react to it or not? Or he might think that every Radio host , anywhere on this planet has a right to use any language he/she likes ,and call the whole nations gays,lesbians ,murderers and so on.
15:36 April 25, 2012 by Svensksmith
But it's okay to say that apostates should be killed....?
15:40 April 25, 2012 by star5
He may have gone too far by comparing Serbs to Breivik, but other than that he was totally misquoted.

It is absolutely true that Serbs have not condemned any of the actions of their leaders whilst they were happening or even after. I think he was just questioning the moral standards.
16:36 April 25, 2012 by Uncle

"It is absolutely true that Serbs have not condemned any of the actions of their leaders whilst they were happening or even after."

No, they just gave up all the leaders to Haag, or tried them themselves.

Russians, who killed 200K chechens do not even think that there is a problem in existence. Iran, Turkey and Iraq burn kurds with napalm and chemical weapons, but nobody says a word about their leadership there... Turkey made it ILLEGAL to talk about Armenian genocide. Assad killed 10 thousand in 3 months, but the "moral standards" of syrians are not questioned by the syrians. Iran-Iraq war - million dead. Nobody even raises a brow on irani and iraqi generals.

But serbs, who gave up all of their military leadership are "morally questionable"... Shall the entire serb people bend over publicly with pants around their ankles, so the "tolerant" society would be sufficiently satisfied, while Bosnian and Kosovo quiet genocide of serbs is out of spotlight?
17:02 April 25, 2012 by Tanskalainen
The Serbian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in Christianity and it has suffered more persecution from Turks (muslims) and Communists than the Swedish Lutheran church could ever possibly dream of in their worst nightmare. No one can understand the Serbian point of view unless they have at least some understanding of what Orthodox Christians have endured for over 1000 years. Modig doesn't understand sh-t.
19:09 April 25, 2012 by johan rebel
Well, the Serbs certainly did their best to ruin their reputation in the 90s, and q
20:14 April 25, 2012 by Atlas
This is simply wrong...You can't ethically and morally draw parallels between a mass-murderer and a nation...This guy is nuts basically.
20:36 April 25, 2012 by foxpur
Everyone from anywhere sucks

See, no racism there :)
21:42 April 25, 2012 by swedenrock
From black cake to Serbs as Breivik, and its funny to see that those who thought the cake was perfect can not understand the concept of this radio host like they understood the cake. What a wonderful WORLD.
23:31 April 25, 2012 by Children Of Adam
Hitler (Germans a Christians nation) has made a mistake by burning the 6 million innocent Jews, so did the Serbian government or orthodox Christians by kill the Bosnian innocent Muslims.

I hope governments and people learn from the past to not commit such a big crimes again. Ameen
05:01 April 26, 2012 by TheWatchman

Everything you have said is valid but that's how the world works.

Also, I agree the Serbs should not have killed the Bosnian Muslims but comparing the entire Serbian nation to a mass murderer? Really?
05:41 April 26, 2012 by nanothermite
They were all guilty by silence and complicity.

They were all happy someone is killing for them if not they themselves.

Servs are mass murdereres
08:42 April 26, 2012 by swedejane
OMG...there are 100,000 serbs in Sweden??
08:51 April 26, 2012 by sfk

I agree with you.

When is Mohammad cartoon it is freedom of speech.

When it is black cake, art is provoking.

However, when it is Serbs it is wrong to make a generalization because they were christian and nation...

When the case is Brevink, hi is not a terrorist and christian, but only a mass murderer!

I do not understand the double standard of people in Sweden and in the world.
11:25 April 26, 2012 by Iraniboy
I think if this is what he has said, it is totally unacceptable and wrong. There has been Serbs who committed genocide like German Nazis and like Breivik. this is fact. Besides maybe there are many Serbs who find this barbaric mass murder justified but how about those who don't?! So his comment is totally wrong.

But talking about governments is totally different story. If Serbian government comes back enforcing racially motivated laws as Israel's government does today and German and S.African's before, then it is our moral human duty to confront them.
14:54 April 26, 2012 by Uncle
Iraniboy in his repertoire again.

Muslims mass murder thousands per month, cause 20 million and counting to run away from them, minorities are hanged and imprisoned, women are suffering de facto slavery, sharia laws are specifically limiting the rights of non-muslims, but the problem is the only democracy in this bucket of horror, blood and tears.

A country where people who call to murder Jews are in the parliament, country where 20% are muslims who dread a possibility of being under a muslim rule, country where women are free, gays are parading, unies are within the top 50, shoving Nobels with a tractor, most statups per capita, most educated MUSLIM population in the middle east - is the problem compared to South Africa and Germany. What an irritating babbling of a medicated idiot...
17:02 April 27, 2012 by Danish Voice
By calling the Serbs Nazis, Christian Modig shows that either he is totally ignorant about the History of WWII or that she is totally dishonest.

It was the Kosovo Albanians and the Croats, who sided with Hitler and the Nazis.

The Serbs were the freedom fighters against Nazism.
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