Business Brief: Mia Angeli Bei – Make-up artist

Are you looking for a make-up artist in Stockholm - for a wedding, another special occasion, or maybe just to treat yourself? Mia Angeli Bei is on hand to help.

Business Brief: Mia Angeli Bei - Make-up artist

Company name:

Mia Angeli Bei – an Italian name, which means My Beautiful Angels

Name of interviewee:

Mia van Staden, Professional Make-up Artist

What inspired you to found your company?

From a young age have I been fascinated by fashion, beauty and make-up. I was very interested in Biology and Art as a child.

In my teenage years, I did some part time modeling and as a model it is important to take care of your skin and have the ability to do your own make-up if required.

The first time I felt inspired to make women feel good about themselves and their skin was an experience I had with a friend. She was so insecure about her skin condition that she would not let me see her without make-up. I introduced her to a skin care routine, showed her how it works and enjoyed watching how her skin, with time, became better and what it did for her self-esteem. My sister also inspired me by letting me do her make-up whenever she attended social events at high school.

When I discussed my career choice with my mother, she was not interested in my ideas and wanted me to study something different. So, I studied and worked in a job my mother wanted me to do while saving money for the beauty & make-up career, which I am passionate about. I completed a Beauty course, 6 years later, in 2004 and the same year, just before my mother passed away, she gave me her blessing to start my own business in beauty & make-up.

In 2005 Mia Angeli Bei was born. I completed my International diploma as a Professional Make-up Artist in 2006.

Who are your clients?

In the beginning, most of my clients were brides and models. Soon, my business grew and I had to get other make-up artists as assistants for larger weddings and fashion shows. Later, my business diary was fully booked and had to send clients away.

My husband and I moved to Sweden in November 2008 and I had to give up my business in South Africa. I completed a refresher Make-up course in 2011 in Stockholm and officially started Mia Angeli Bei here in Sweden this year. My passion for my career in beauty & make-up makes me determined to succeed.

What’s the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your company?

One Bride thanked me for providing, in her words, “fantastic service” and that I had made her wedding day easier. She had received so many compliments and her make-up didn’t smudge when she shed a tear. Another bride told me that one could see that I am passionate about my work and what difference it made on her special day. A photographer thanked me for valuing high service and quality of my work.

If your company was a colour, which would it be and why?

If Mia Angeli Bei were a color, it would be burgundy, which represents royalty colors and the kind of service, which Mia Angeli Bei provide.

What keeps you awake at night?

The excitement of everything around my work and the possibilities for my business in Sweden.

If I call up, will your staff be able to speak with me in English?

When emailing or calling to make bookings & request information – a proficient English-speaking Make-up Artist, Mia van Staden, will reply as soon as possible.

What is your biggest-selling product?

Mia Angeli Bei’s Make-up services – for brides, special occasions or corporate party themes.

What is your coolest product?

The part of my make-up service where I create certain characters for corporate theme events or fashion shows.

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