Teen goes berserk after arm wrestling loss

A testosterone-charged party in southern Sweden turned violent after a teenager couldn’t accept that he’d lost an arm wrestling match.

Teen goes berserk after arm wrestling loss

A 19-year-old man at a party in Billinge, southern Sweden, challenged a 24-year-old to an arm wrestle on Friday night, according to the Skånskan newspaper.

To make the experience as fair as possible, the men competed with their right and left arms, each winning one round.

However, an offhand comment by the 19-year-old, in which he claimed he would have won had his arm not been sore, started a major kerfuffle at around 11pm.

“Then let’s fight about it instead,” the 19-year-old from Eslöv stated, beginning an alcohol-fueled rampage, according to the paper.

The teenager took his opponent in a chokehold from behind, meanwhile bashing a bottle of vodka over his head until the bottle smashed.

Another 19-year-old, who tried to stop the fight, managed to get the wrestler out of the house, but was kicked in the process.

However, things turned worse when the rampaging man got hold of a switchblade and swiped at a 17-year-old, cutting the younger man’s finger as he attempted to shield himself from the knife.

The melee continued, and an 18-year-old was hit in the jaw and a 17-year-old girl was kicked and beaten with iron bars.

Police were called to the scene just after 11pm, however there were no reports of charges having been filed.

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