Rocko the cat found 250 kilometres from home

A man from southern Sweden was shocked to receive a call from someone who’d found his missing cat Rocko – three weeks after it went missing and 250 kilometres away.

“I was dumbfounded, I thought it was impossible,” cat owner Thomas Andersson told The Local.

“I’m still baffled as to how he managed to end up so far away, I thought he’d been hit by a car or something.”

Andersson, 31, lives in Torsås on Sweden’s southeastern coast, and Rocko was discovered in Helsingborg, which is roughly 250 kilometres away on Sweden’s west coast.

Nick Chambers found the cat after he heard an unusual meowing coming from his garden in Helsingborg.

Upon finding the free-riding feline, he took it to his local veterinarian who was able to determine the cat’s identity and alerted Rocko’s bamboozled owner.

“I have no idea how Rocko managed to do this, but he is a curious cat indeed. He sometimes wanders off and goes missing, but never for long, and certainly never for this long,” Andersson said.

“I suspect he hopped in the vehicle of a neighbour who recently moved, and went for a free ride.”

Even though Rocky was found on Tuesday, Andersson still hasn’t yet had a chance to pick up his long-lost cat, but says he intends to drive there soon.

“250 kilometres is an extreme distance – even for a human,” he told The Local.

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