Stockholm guard fined for dragging dog to death

Stockholm guard fined for dragging dog to death
A 39-year-old Stockholm man has been convicted of animal cruelty after dragging a dog to death behind his car.

The incident took place in October 2011 after the man, who worked as a security guard, had tied the dog to his vehicle while he went to drop off a second dog at an assignment, the Metro newspaper reported.

But when the man climbed back in and drove off, he neglected to untie the dog and proceeded to drag the animal behind his car for several kilometres though central Stockholm.

Horrified drivers repeatedly tried in vain to alert the man that the canine was still fastened to the outside of the car, but to no avail.

Only after the man had driven for roughly five kilometers did he finally stop after another driver honked his horn repeatedly and gesticulated wildly.

The 39-year-old then unhitched the dead dog from the car and placed its lifeless body in the car’s trunk before once again driving off.

He was subsequently charged with animal cruelty and last week was found guilty, receiving a suspended sentence and a fine of 2,000 kronor ($290).

The man, who has worked with dogs for several years in his job as a security guard, admitted he was overly tired at the time of the incident and simply forgotten that he’d tied the dog to the back of the car.

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