Fake cop arrested after failed pick-up attempt

A man who in April pretended to be a policeman and asked a “cute” Swedish woman for her phone number was arrested by police on Tuesday for impersonating a police officer.

Fake cop arrested after failed pick-up attempt

“We want to make it clear that there was no policeman involved in the incident,” said police spokesperson Jan Jonasson to daily Aftonbladet.

When the incident occurred in late April, police were unsure whether the man was indeed a policeman or not.

At the time, police spokespeople claimed that it would be “ludicrous” if it did indeed turn out to be a member of the police force, and commenced an investigation.

As it turned out, the “policeman” was actually just an ordinary civilian, who Aftonbladet revealed hails from the north Stockholm suburb of Upplands-Väsby.

The man had pulled over the 26-year-old woman, named Angelica, in what she had thought to be an undercover police car.

However, despite having no equipment, badge, or uniform, the man still convinced the woman that she had been driving too fast, but let her off with a warning.

But this exchange didn’t seem to satisfy the infatuated “inspector”, who pulled her over again several minutes later, this time asking for her phone number “just in case something happened”.

Later that night, the woman received a text from the man.

“You got to keep your driving license and you got away without a fine. You were so cute in your blue jeans 😉 Can you be in Väsby around 5pm if that works?” the message said, according to the paper.

The next day, the woman reported the matter to police, who have since tracked down the man, arresting him on Tuesday.

The man risks up to two years in prison for impersonating an officer, and is currently detained by police for a series of crimes.

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