Probation officer caught in gangster love affair

A female probation officer from central Sweden is in danger of losing her job after it was revealed her live-in boyfriend was a one of the area's most feared criminals.

Probation officer caught in gangster love affair

The woman has worked within the Swedish prison system for about ten years, rising to a top management position, the local Västmanlands Tidning (VLT) reported.

As a part of her job she has access to sensitive and classified files – something which became cause for concern when her relationship with the convicted criminal came to light.

“She is now on home leave and suspended from her job pending an investigation,” Christer Fränneby, operations manager at the Tillberg prison, told VLT.

According to the paper, the object of the probation officer’s affections is no run of the mill thug, but rather is considered to be one of the most feared gang leaders in central Sweden.

Among other things, he was singled out as the ringleader of a comprehensive extortion operation in Västerås.

Prior to his conviction, he had been held longer in restricted remand than any other criminal suspect in Sweden – two and a half years – before being sentenced to six and a half years in prison

But in July 2011 he was released, and in February 2012 the female probation officer became his primary contact point with the Swedish prison system.

Fränneby refrained from “moralizing” about the propriety of love affairs between convicted felons and prison employees.

“But we have a policy that says, ‘personal, but not too close’,” he told VLT.

The probation officer at the centre of the scandal refused to comment on the relationship, which has reportedly been ongoing for at least a month.

“It’s too personal and private,” she told the paper.

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