Man beats breastfeeding wife for being ‘lazy’

Man beats breastfeeding wife for being ‘lazy’
A 26-year-old man from Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, has been sentenced to prison after severely whipping his wife with electrical cables when she chose to nurse their daughter instead of preparing him a snack.

“He said he was going to continue until I became wiser,” the wife said to police, according to newspaper Metro.

The affronted man had allegedly asked his wife to make him some breakfast and became very angry and agitated when she instead chose to continue to breastfeed their infant daughter.

According to the paper, the enraged husband turned on his nursing wife with two electrical cables and continued to whip her on the bed until her back, arms, shoulders and legs were welted and oozing with blood.

The woman said that the beating went on for at least fifteen minutes and that she was in so much pain that she could not sleep for several nights after.

The man has admitted to beating his wife, saying that he wanted to encourage her to become more “active” around the house. According to him she had been lax with the cleaning recently and kept “lying down” instead.

The man was subsequently convicted by the Helsingborg District Court to eight months in prison.

The court felt that the crime was such a serious breach of the “respect and care that spouses should have for each other” that it warranted a prison sentence despite the fact that the man didn’t have a previous criminal record.

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