Police ‘break-in’ solves dangling hand mystery

Police 'break-in' solves dangling hand mystery
After a “lifeless” hand was reported hanging from a balcony in eastern Sweden, police broke into the flat only to make an unexpected discovery.

In Gävle, a town 150 kilometres north of Stockholm, a resident called police in horror after seeing a “lifeless” arm hanging from the balcony of an apartment block, wrote the Gefle Dagbladet newspaper (GD) on Monday.

The resident made the emergency call to the Gävle police, who rushed to the scene with paramedics in tow.

According to the paper, the police first knocked on the door of the apartment but received no response.

Their concerns mounting, the officers then decided to force their way into the apartment by breaking through the door in an effort to reach the lifeless body they assumed would be attached to the dangling arm.

However, when the police reached the balcony of the aparment, there was no body there – lifeless or otherwise.

The hand and the arm hanging from the balcony belonged to a rather realistic-looking mannequin doll that had been stored just outside the apartment’s back door.

While emergency services and paramedics were sent home empty handed, the paper never revealed who owned the dummy nor who had a hand in the positioning of the mannequin.

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