Man charged for cutting off and eating wife’s lip

A university professor in Stockholm who sliced off his wife's lower lip and ate it, was formally charged on Thursday with aggravated assault for the attack.

The 52-year-old man, who is a respected researcher at the Karolinska Institute north of Stockholm, also sliced his wife’s arms in the attack.

According to prosecutors, the man was upset with his wife for requesting a divorce and flew into a jealous rage.

“He did it so that she would never be able to kiss again and said ‘I’ll get four years, but you’re getting a life sentence’,” prosecutor Jakob Holmberg told the TT news agency.

The incident took place in May in the couple’s home south of Stockholm and has been deeded especially heinous because the injuries sustained by the woman are permanent and the man acted in a way meant to cause extreme suffering.

According to Aftonbladet, the 52-year-old waited until his wife was asleep before brandishing a scalpel and cutting off nearly her entire lower lip.

He then proceeded to eat the piece of flesh he’d removed from his wife’s face.

Prosecutors had first classified the attack as attempted murder, but after the man admitted to the attack during police questioning it became clear that he never intended to kill his wife.

“He helped her call police and remained there until help arrived,” Holmberg told Aftonbladet.

Following the attack, the woman has been living in secret location. Plastic surgeons have tried to rebuild her missing lower lip, but have nevertheless ruled the injury to be permanent.

If convicted, the man faces a minimum sentence of four years in prison, but could be jailed for as long as ten years.

Prosecutor Holmberg plans to argue that the 52-year-old be sentenced to jail time toward the upper-half of the penalty scale.

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These are Sweden’s 13 best universities according to a new ranking

Three Swedish universities have made the top 100 in a prestigious global ranking – with 13 Swedish universities in the top 1000s.

These are Sweden's 13 best universities according to a new ranking
The Karolinska Institute was Sweden's top university in the ranking. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Harvard University in the US again placed first in the table of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU – also often referred to as the Shanghai Ranking).

But Sweden's performance was not too shabby, with the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and Stockholm University in the top 100s, and 13 universities in the top 1000s.

Sweden's medical school Karolinska Institute climbed to 38th place in the ranking, up from 44th last year.

It was followed by Uppsala in 62nd place and Stockholm as number 73, who both also improved their performance on last year.

Its Danish neighbours got the highest spot out of the Nordic countries, with University of Copenhagen in 26th place. But Sweden had the most universities listed compared to Denmark's and Norway's six each, Finland's eight and Iceland's one nod in the ranking.

The rest of the Swedish seats were Lund University (in a shared 101-150th spot), University of Gothenburg (151-200), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (201-300), Chalmers University of Technology (301-400), Linköping University (301-400), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (301-400), Stockholm School of Economics (401-500), Umeå University (401-500), Örebro University (801-900) and Luleå University of Technology (901-1000).

Among the six indicators used to rank the universities were the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of highly cited researchers, and the number of articles cited in journals of nature and science