Stockholm set for rainiest June on record

Stockholm has seen record amounts of rain in June, more than four times the normal precipitation, meteorologists said on Tuesday.

Stockholm set for rainiest June on record

“Stockholm has registered precipitation of 145.8 millimetres, compared with the normal level of 36.5 millimetres” for the month of June, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) said Tuesday on its website.

That is the highest level for the month of June since Swedish records began in 1786.

Central Sweden has also been hit by heavy rainfall, with more than three times the normal level, while the northern parts of the country have seen unusually dry times, an SMHI spokesman said.

Sweden’s climate has become both warmer and rainier because of global warming, and rainfall and storms have increased in recent years, he said.

On June 2, Stockholm registered its coldest June day in 84 years, with the mercury rising to a maximum of six degrees Celsius (43 Fahrenheit).

Temperatures have remained below average for the month, at just 13.3 degrees Celsius, compared with the usual 15.2 degrees, SMHI said.

For the month of June, Stockholm usually has an average of 5.3 days with temperatures above 25 degrees, but this year the high for the month was just 21.6 degrees.

That is only the second time since 1920 that the temperature has failed to hit 25 degrees in June in Sweden.

And it would seem that more rain is en route for Sweden.

“It looks like it will continue like this at least for the next two weeks,” said Martin Hedberg, head meteorologist at the weather site

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