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Police cars smashed in Tensta ‘guerrilla’ riot

The Local · 28 Jun 2012, 08:18

Published: 28 Jun 2012 08:18 GMT+02:00

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“We were on the scene with 18 patrols. It was like guerrilla warfare,” said Stephan Nordenmark, of the Stockholm police to newspaper Aftonbladet.

The incident was sparked after a security guard was targeted with green laser.

When he confronted a group of some six young people about the incident, they immediately jumped him and started beating him up.

The assailants were described as being in their early twenties, some of which wore masks and carried knives.

When police backup arrived, the cars were immediately attacked with stones, rendering three cars out of action.

“The first group soon had company and over the course of the night there were approximately 8-10 groups circling around in the area,” Nordenmark told daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

Police were unable to make any arrests during the night as all efforts wee aimed at securing the area for the “normal people living there” and keeping the troublemakers from torching cars and throwing rocks through windows.

“It is not easy to get to the real troublemakers. We can really only arrest the person who threw the rock. But there’ll be eight or ten loosely knit groups that move quickly and disappear down the alleyways. It is a bit of a guerrilla battle. They keep changing their clothes as well, making it hard to identify them,” Nordenmark told Aftonbladet.

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Police believe that the attack on the security guard was planned to lure police officers to the area. They are now working hard at identifying the rioters through security camera footage.

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Your comments about this article

09:00 June 28, 2012 by rise
Oh those poor, poor "ensamkommande barn" in their mid-twenties; nothing to play with so now they have to keep doing what they've always been doing back in their home countries. Terrorizing.
09:05 June 28, 2012 by muscle
the morons, they deserve strict punishments ...it will fix them up and also will be a lesson to others!
09:20 June 28, 2012 by RobinHood
The British found a winning combination to deal with this sort of thing after last years riots.

Let them riot (they can't stop them anyway). Collect as much film as possible from static security cameras and their own photography teams, review the film and identify the rioters, go pick them up. Now comes the most important bit; get the judges to lock them up for a minimum of several months.

This combination has reduced violence inside British football stadia to almost zero, and there are thousands of rioters from last summer currently in jail, sincerely wishing they had stayed home that night.

Unfortunately, good policing and robust sentencing is not the Swedish way, and the citizens of the usual hotspots need to batten down the hatches for the next few weeks instead.
09:32 June 28, 2012 by TG22
humm... Those mysterious "youths" again... I see...
09:54 June 28, 2012 by occassional
What will it take for people to realise that the idea of a rainbow nation is not only untenable, it is actually dangerous?
10:44 June 28, 2012 by muscle
It is a difficult issue. The govt will not change the laws and will not make it strict, due to its policies. But this will not work on the non-swedes or the immigrants.

I am myself an immigrant working in stockholm. We guys are coming from countries where we HAD to become aggressive, because in THAT scenario, it was needed for our survival. A person coming from countries that have had wars in the past, can not be very peaceful. I am not saying they are guilty or bad people. No, but it was needed for their survival in those times. To be sharp, trying to find easier ways, moving towards activities which may help them but create problems for others.. etc.

I know it is very difficult to understand this, for immigrants and non-immigrant alike. But we need different and strict laws with tough punishments. It will take 3 or 4 generations for us to get accustomed to the culture of this land. It is also necessary to maintain law and order, thus, with strict punishments for criminal activities, it may create a lesson for all new comers.

Yes these may sound harsh, but its highly pathetic to let a bunch of morons destroy the image of the rest, and it should not be tolerated.

Many of you may not understand what I mean, perhaps because you havn't lived in lands where if you are nice or gentle, your whole family will suffer...or perhaps it will cost you your life!

The policies need to be strict for new comers. Let these immigrants get accustomed to the belief of sweden "violence breeds violence". Its not a matter of days, or few years in SFI... it takes generations, provided that the new generations are made to follow the right track.
10:45 June 28, 2012 by Cliff S.
Diversity.....it is such a beautiful thing. You know these wild youth were the far right.....weren't they? Let's all cover our eyes and ears and repeat, "right wing hate groups, right wing hate groups, diversity makes me smart, diversity makes me smart". It's great to be open minded, when you don't live in the neighborhood with the burning cars and can afford the extra security.
10:58 June 28, 2012 by TG22
#7: Good point there mate

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth" - worked for the Nazis now it's time for the multicultural left to have a go...
12:17 June 28, 2012 by Loonyman
Nuke it from orbit.... Its the only way to be sure.
19:40 June 28, 2012 by mkdh
ofcourse they would do that again and again, why not doing this ,the swedish jails are like luxury hotels, may be it is better than the life they are living now, i think these kind of people should get the maximum panishment ,not to just go for a little while to a luxury hotel, i think swedish police should take lessons from jordanien police ,the country i came from.
22:40 June 28, 2012 by jostein
It is very sad and tragic this, even to one such as I. These people are often born here, they do not feel at home here but they do not feel at home anywhere else either. But we did not want them here, they feel it in their bones. What is life here to them? No matter what they do and no matter how hard they try to they would always feel as second class swedes. So why be an uncle tom? It is not strange that they feel dispair and anger. Long term these sad people will exterminate me and mine, what else can they do? But thats not because they are evil. It is because they are human. We are thus.

Me, i reserve my anger for swedens mediopolitical class.
23:17 June 28, 2012 by donfabricio
Hey Kids you can smash any thing you like this is your country you were born here.
23:27 June 28, 2012 by godnatt
Destroying one's own country is a MENA cultural custom.

You are all racists for not being more tolerant of this display of diversity...
03:15 June 29, 2012 by wolfbay
Now that Jews have been driven out of Malmo I thought Swedens problems were over. Oh well.
11:55 June 29, 2012 by Dave N
As the song almost said - "Things can only get worse..."

The West ( and Sweden is probably the most foolish member) is like an incredibly naive, well-meaning family who have decided to invite starving vampires into their home. The poor vampires are hungry so the fools give them free access to their jugular veins. Meanwhile, more and more vampires are climbing in through the open windows eager to share the free blood. The youngest child of the family, naughty little Far Right ( who is always causing trouble) says they should shut the windows and kick the vampires out. His horrified parents send him to bed with no supper and say that kicking the poor creatures out would be cruel and inhuman... and anyway... the vampires have now become part of the family.

Where the hell is Buffy when you need her?
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