Surfer lands in Sweden after Ryanair mix-up

Surfer lands in Sweden after Ryanair mix-up
A professional surfer from the UK who thought he was on a flight to France was given a surprise when he realized he had somehow boarded the wrong flight, and was halfway to southern Sweden.

The surfer, 19-year-old Toby Donachie from Cornwall, was meant to be heading to sunny Biarritz in southern France for a training camp.

However, after heading to the wrong gate and after staff failed to notice his incorrect ticket on two occasions, the man ended up on a flight that was instead bound for Malmö.

But the surfer didn’t make the connection himself until well into the journey.

“When they said that we were flying over Denmark, I understood that we were going the wrong way,” he told the Expressen newspaper.

Upon arrival in Sweden, the situation was promptly rectified, and the budget airline sent Donachie back to London, provided him with a free night in a hotel, and then redirected him onwards to Biarritz.

The 19-year-old surfer remained relaxed about the mix-up, telling the paper that he wasn’t disappointed to have landed in Sweden at all.

“I thought it was fun, I was laughing – it was an adventure,” he told the paper, adding that he wasn’t moved to stay though, as “the beaches are better in Biarritz.”

Meanwhile, security issues have been raised as to how someone could fly with the wrong ticket.

According to Donachie, as a child was hiding during the preflight headcount, the air stewards didn’t notice one extra passenger.

Regardless, the airline has launched an investigation into the incident

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