Man jailed for 18 years after brutal knife killing

A 39-year-old man has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for murder after a frenzied knife attack at a restaurant in Gothenburg in March.

The man is reported to be the father of the victim’s ex-girlfriend.

The murder was classified as particularly brutal with the victim subjected to at least 25 knife blows while working at the Black Diamond restaurant in the Hisingen area of the city on March 5th.

According to the police forensic examination the man sustained stabbing injuries to his head, throat, arms and midriff as well as injuries to the ribs, collar bone, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

According to the prosecutor the motive for the attack was the 20-year-old victim’s relationship with the 39-year-old man’s 16-year-old daughter.

The accused had previously admitted to delivering two blows but maintained that he had acted in self defence. The court however considered that there was sufficient evidence to indicate that the murder had been planned.

The 20-year-old had previously received several warnings and threats from members of the man’s family regarding the relationship, but elected to ignore them, according to a report in the local Göteborgs Posten daily.

According to the newspaper the man’s daughter is currently in the care of the social services and is being kept at a secret address.

Prosecutor Stina Lundqvist argued that the court should sentence the man to life imprisonment.

The 18 year prison sentence given to the man is the longest fixed term custodial sentence permissible for the crime of murder in Sweden.