Police dog finds missing man trapped in crevice

A police dog is being hailed as a hero after tracking down a missing 78-year-old man, finding him stuck fast in a crevice in western Sweden.

Police dog finds missing man trapped in crevice

The elderly man had last been seen on Wednesday afternoon and police were notified just before midnight, leading to a search that lasted throughout the night.

By Thursday morning, a police helicopter was called to the scene, managing to track a signal from the man’s emergency transmitter.

However, the man’s location could only be narrowed to a roughly defined area, meaning Eddy the police dog and one of his handlers, Lars Selander, were soon on the scene and on the hunt.

“I sent Eddy to the area which was roughly 300 square-metres and when we’d searched through roughly half of the area we found him,” said Selander of the Halland police to the TT news agency.

The man was found so tightly wedged in the crevice that his chest had been constricted, making him unable to even yell for help.

“I was able to pull the man out of the crevice myself and got him to a ledge where we awaited the rescue team,” Selander said.

Meanwhile, Eddy the dog was equipped with a GPS tracker which enabled an emergency helicopter to pinpoint the exact location of the man, arriving on the scene shortly after at 10.30am.

The place where the man was found was just one kilometre from the 78-year-old’s home.

Emergency services took the man, who was suffering from Hypothermia, to the Varberg hospital where he is now recuperating.

Eddy, an eight-year-old Belgian Shepherd (Malinois), is already somewhat of a national celebrity after having saved a man who was lost in a swamp back in 2010.

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