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Woman stabbed during evening stroll with infant

20 Jul 2012, 09:34

Published: 20 Jul 2012 09:34 GMT+02:00

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Police received a call just before 9.30pm about the stabbing, which occurred in the vicinity of a pedestrian tunnel near Agnesfridsvägen.

Witnesses on the scene helped the 22-year-old victim place a tourniquet on her wounds, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reported.

The woman was later taken to hospital for treatment of what were described as serious, but not life-threatening, wounds to her chest.

Several officers were dispatched to the scene of the attack and were able to arrest a 20-year-old man who had remained in the area.

While the man was initially arrested on suspicions of assault, the suspicions were later upgraded to attempted murder.

The attacker and the victim were reportedly acquainted with one another, but the exact nature of their relationship remains unclear.

"They don't live together," Malmö police spokesperson Bo Paulsson told the Expressen newspaper.

The infant in the pram at the time of the attack is being looked after by relatives of the victim and police are still working to determine a motive for the stabbing, pending the questioning of the involved.

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"We haven't been able to talk to him or her yet," Paulsson added.

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Your comments about this article

10:21 July 20, 2012 by Rod Munch
Ok. So is it clear that Sweden is taking the WRONG people in via asylum/refugee status yet??
10:42 July 20, 2012 by matona1
Rod Munch. Your mental status is very shalow,and you need to learn how to read very well before you place your idiomatic comment here.

did you any anything concerning immigrant in this article.

you realy need brain adjustment
10:50 July 20, 2012 by Localer
even-though it was done by immigrant, the news still wouldn't mention it.
10:54 July 20, 2012 by EmployedProfessional
Clearly" ROD" seems to forget where he came from.
11:14 July 20, 2012 by rise

It isn't just The Local but other Swedish news media as well; if an article does not mention the appearance of and the origin of a perpetrator at all then it's pretty safe to assume it's an immigrant. If the perpetrator is a white Swede a fully description of him follows. If the perpetrator is a non-white Swede, say an adopted person who've lived here 40 years, a description does not follow; it wouldn't be politically correct to point out a black person, perpetrator or no. It's sickening!
11:50 July 20, 2012 by EmployedProfessional
I totally agree with Sweden's poor policy of letting folks in who refuse to embrace our values and at very least turn from their wicked ways.There are plenty of people here who fled here to save their families lives and move forward in a better way.

Please,let's not paint them with the same brush because they are so clearly NOT the same!

For practical perposes of a fair,constructive argument,it doenen't matter how or why you came here,it's what you do with your fresh future when you are fortunate enough to be granted the right to live here!

Again,let's never forget that we would be very upset if our invadere status was questioned this way!

Remember how you were treated when your swedish "sucked"!
12:25 July 20, 2012 by TG22
Have you learned yet Sweden? Those who kill in their countries will still kill in Sweden...
13:00 July 20, 2012 by EmployedProfessional
Often true!


Let's let the like minded of us continue to set a positive example less be painted with the ugly brush!
15:09 July 20, 2012 by libertarianism
Oh Lord and Savior of goodness and all things sugary, EmployedProfessional.... blah.
17:25 July 20, 2012 by Rod Munch

I know exactly where I am from. And my people are not vastly over-represented in rape and violent crime nor are they unwilling to integrate. This means that I could be from pretty much any immigrant group here in Sweden except for those represented by the acronym ME/NA.

What I can tell you is that if it was my people who were so vastly over-represented in crime statistics, I would be working like hell to be a leader in my community and doing something about solving the problem amongst my people. The last thing I would be doing is blaming others or complaining about "racism."
19:40 July 20, 2012 by bcterry
" I can tell you is that if it was my people who were so vastly over-represented in crime statistics, I would be working like hell to be a leader in my community and doing something about solving the problem amongst my people. The last thing I would be doing is blaming others or complaining about "racism." "

Do they ever admit, or take responsibility for the factual failings of their religious brothers, or islam?


It's always the fault of anything else or everyone else.

Dare to speak out against it, and immediately they label you a racist, bigot, hate monger or islamophobe etc., etc.

Islam tactics 101.

19:57 July 20, 2012 by dizzymoe33
I don't understand why does it take the Police so long to interview the victim and the person who committed the crime? Usually that is the first thing they do unless someone is unconscious.
23:55 July 20, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
Yet again a NA/ME immigrant commits a violent crime in Malmö. All this multiculturalism in Sweden makes me feel so enriched!
03:59 July 21, 2012 by jomamas
That immigrants are marginally more likely to crime - is true.

Leftists, stop your stupidity in this - it is fact.

However - that does not mean we should judge all immigrants this way.

But there is a much more insidious issue at play: mass immigration - even of the best, most productive, law-abiding, positive immigrants - will eventually wipe out Sweden.

I say this as a Canadian, who grew up in a suburb of Toronto and by the time I was 18, most of my community was made up of foreigners with different names, different values, different outlook.

Many of them are my friends and I love them dearly, however, they are not Canadian in the ethnic sense.

When Swedes wake up and 50 years and find that most people are named:

Joe, Mohammed, Mariducci, Chin, Diego, Mfume and Bert - they will realize that the complete vanishing of Swedish names will of course just be the tiny and superficial evidence of the utter dissapearance of anything Swedish.

Sure - you may still speak a little bit of Swedish, you may still dress a little better, and you will definitely have a passport that says 'Swedish' - but you will be a suburb of the Anglo/Saxon/American world in all but name.

The 'Swedish way' will simply be the same as 'the way of the suburbs of any arbitrary city in the west' - but with a different colored flag, and different colored accents.

So - stop fighting stupid wars about 'how much crime immigrants do'. Of course they do more crime. The leftist need to concede this and use the argument that 'we are all human' to get us to recognize the dignity in all people.

But that all culture sand people are equal - does not mean we are identical.

Just because 'Swedish culture' is not worth more than 'Somalian culture' does not mean you have to abolish Sweden to accomodate a zillion newcomers.

The change will be gradual and slow, and it will happen over a couple of generations, but eventually, you - and I mean you - reading this - wherever you stand on the political spectrum - will wake up to this fact. It just takes longer for some.

When you wake up and find yourself an alien in your own civilization, you will also realize it is too late. And you will sense a sadness that is very difficult to describe. A very deep and profound sadness. A funeral for the death of a nation, the end of a people.

Instead of fighting tit for tat now, you need to reduce aggregate immigration levels to well below 1% of population - or you are doomed.
08:17 July 21, 2012 by johan rebel
The overrepresentation is hardly marginal. Crime statistics should be interpretated with care, even in Sweden, but they seem to show the following:

Immigrants and their offspring make up some 12% of the population, yet are responsible for 18% of reported crimes. However, the more serious and violent the crime, the higher the overrepresentation becomes. Some 75% of Swedish prison inmates are not Swedish (in the cultural sense). An even more extreme example: of 1,094 (violent) robberies reported in Malmö last year, 953 were committed by immigrants or foreigners.
09:41 July 21, 2012 by Puffy Taco
The takeover is quite deliberate--both through mass immegration and "through the woman's uterus", as they like to say. And there is no intent to assimilate. No, the lily-livered host WILL assimilate to their ways. Host. Parasite. The host not only does nothing, but actually nurtures the disease. The parasite takes over. But you can't talk this fact to a lefty. I ache for my children and grandchildren.

10:38 July 21, 2012 by EmployedProfessional

the world is ugly enough without you fanning the flames of all- out hatred.
12:30 July 21, 2012 by Rod Munch

Impressive post.
21:38 July 21, 2012 by Spuds MacKenzie
@jomamas Bravo! Glad there are others who can see the writing on the wall.
14:42 July 22, 2012 by godnatt
Well put Jomamas.
22:17 July 22, 2012 by Reason abd Realism
@ Jomamas

One may need to adjust the 1% of population figure depending on economics.

Easy to say 'preserve the culture at all costs!', but then one runs the risk of turning Sweden into the equivalent of a village in the hills of Sardinia, with plenty of old folks in rocking chairs, narrow streets, and a cute town square, but no future.

As for immigration, I consider myself to be non-racist, but tough on crime and keeping criminals out (even if that means separating violent men from the women and children at the border when they emigrate to Sweden).

Educated Immigrants are often very highly motivated and innovative, so these should not be turned away. Having said that, I am still waiting to see published numbers to justify immigration levels of all skill set types (unskiled, basic, trades, advanced) based on employment projections, along with settlement in regions that have the jobs.

And, frankly, I doubt the 'right' number is 1%.
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