Swarm of homeless bees claims woman’s bike

A swarm of relocating bees in southern Sweden chose to leave an overcrowded hive to squat on a bicycle parked on a central square in Kristianstad.

Swarm of homeless bees claims woman’s bike

Passers-by witnessed how bees were swarming around a bicycle at Kristianstad square Södertorg, reported local paper Kristianstadbladet.

“Then the Queen arrived and they started to come in droves after that,” said Jan Ekdala, who became a witness to the event, to the paper.

Ekdala watched as the bees started swarming over the bike, literally covering parts of it.

“In only five minutes it was a gigantic bee-swarm,” Ekdala told the paper.

He told the paper that watching what was going on he became increasingly pleased that it wasn’t his bicycle that the bees had chosen.

“It would have been too large a number of stowaways to be able to use the bike,” he told the paper.

The phenomenon, when a bee Queen and a number of worker bees leave one hive to go looking for a new home, is called swarming.

The swarm at first only relocates to a nearby gathering place, such as a tree branch – or in this case a parked bicycle – sending out some 20-50 scout bees to find a suitable new location for the colony.

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