Man steals dog, drags it to death after car

Police in county Småland in southern Sweden are searching for a man in his fifties who tied a dog to his car and dragged it after his vehicle for over an hour.

Man steals dog, drags it to death after car

“This person is known to us before. We’re going to look into the background but we already have an idea of the motive,“ said police spokesman Robert Loeffel to the daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The man reportedly tied the animal to the car and driven off. Over an hour later, after driving into a car that had tried to stop him, he switched off his engine and dumped the animal’s body.

Police received a call on Wednesday evening alerting them to the fact that someone was dragging a dog to death.

“We know who owns the dog and it isn’t the driver of the car,” Loeffel told the paper.

Two people tried to stop the man from dragging the dog; another driver, whose car the man rammed before driving off again, as well as a pedestrian who reportedly sustained some minor injuries when the man tried to drive over him,

According to police, there are many witnesses to the incident and they also received a tip-off as to where the car was parked.

“When we went there we found the dead dog lying at the side of the road,” Loeffel told DN.

Police think that they have identified the driver, who is now wanted under suspicion for animal cruelty as well as two cases of hit and run.

“This is a macabre incident. We have known people to take their dog for a walk, tying it up, and then driving off forgetting about it, but this is something else,” Loeffel told DN.

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