Sweden’s Olympic effort an underachievement?

Sweden is currently in 30th place in the medal table after having only won seven medals at the Olympic Games. Is the team underachieving or is this perfectly lagom?

Sweden's Olympic effort an underachievement?

After having won seven medals (one gold, three silvers and three bronze), one might wonder if this is an underperformance for a developed country with over nine million residents.

The medals have been won in sailing, wrestling, equestrian eventing, shooting and the triathlon.

Last time the games were held in London in 1948, for example, Sweden finished second overall, taking home 24 gold medals.

In the most recent Games in Beijing, Sweden hit a major hurdle and finished 55th without bringing home a single gold medal.

Is the country concentrating on the wrong sports or are summer sports just not Sweden’s strong point? Is a haul of seven medals a worthy achievement, or could Sweden improve?

The answers to these questions may just be a hop, skip and a jump away…

What do YOU think?

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