‘Bank robbers are hiding in the woods’: police

‘Bank robbers are hiding in the woods’: police
The three armed men who robbed a bank on Monday morning are believed to be hiding in the woods near the Norwegian border, with police revealing that they escaped with 100,000 kronor ($14,945) - in coins.

Police are continuing the hunt for the three perpetrators who robbed a bank in Töckfors in western Sweden on Tuesday and believe the men are still in western Värmland, east of Oslo.

After keeping silent about the amount stolen, the bank revealed Wednesday that the thieves escaped with 100,000 kronor in coins, which they carried off in blue Ikea bags.

Now, police are concentrating their search in a wooded area near the border where they believe the men are in hiding, an area which includes passageways and smuggling routes.

“There is an extremely dense network of roads in the area,” said Tommy Lindh of the Värmland police to the TT news agency.

“It’s easier to straighten out a spider web than to get to the bottom of this net of roads.”

Further details have emerged about the robbery itself, with police explaining that the thieves were inside the bank for 28 minutes, although it remains unconfirmed if this revolved around waiting for a timelock to deactivate.

Police are also on the lookout for a blue V70 Volvo which has vanished after the men allegedly escaped in one after torching their first getaway car.

The men are believed to be armed with AK4 automatic weapons.

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