Preschooler left alone at day care for hours

Preschooler left alone at day care for hours
A 4-year-old boy in Malmö was left on his own for several hours after the pre-school staff took the other kids to the theatre and forgot about him.

“This is a scandal. We leave the most important thing in the world to us in their care. These things are just not allowed to happen,“ one parent told local paper Sydsvenskan.

Staff took the 12 pre-school children to see a theatre performance around lunchtime. When they left the school, the teachers thought that all children were accounted for, according to the paper.

It wasn’t until after the performance that they realized they were one little boy short. A member of staff ran back to the pre-school where the boy was found, calmly playing with some toys.

According to the paper, he had been asleep for most of the time, but had woken up to find himself all alone in the school.

At the local council, in charge of running the municipality pre-schools in the area, they are aghast that something like this could have happened.

“It is very serious that we forget a child this way. In this case it was because the parents had dropped the child off to us later and he had therefore not been counted with the others,” said Anders Grundström of the local council, to Sydsvenskan.

The boy and his parents have been allocated a therapist to work through what has happened and the council will investigate where the pre-school routines went wrong and if anyone needs to be held accountable for the oversight.

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