Swedish thief returns bike in fit of remorse

Swedish thief returns bike in fit of remorse
A bicycle stolen in Örebro in eastern Sweden was returned a few days later by a regretful thief together with an apology note and 100 kronor ($15) in compensation, according to a report in the local Nerikes Allehanda daily.

Benny Åkerblom returned home last weekend after a boozy night-time singalong in a park in central Örebro and parked his bike outside of his apartment.

In his slightly sozzled state Åkerblom neglected to lock his bike and when he returned in the morning it was missing.

Thinking he had fallen victim to a common occurrence in most Swedish towns he resigned himself to the loss of his bicycle, not the first time he had one stolen.

Much to his surprise however when his wife returned home after work a few days later, on Wednesday, she found his bike back in the rack complete with a note.

“Thanks for the loan! The luggage rack is fixed and the tyres pumped up,” the note read, adding an apology for a missing/broken lamp.

“Compensation is in the envelope.”

And in the envelope the considerate thief had placed a one hundred kronor note for the replacement of the broken bulb.

Benny told the newspaper that he plans to frame the note and explained that the incident had served to increase his respect for the people of Örebro.

“It must have been someone who was in need of a bike just then and there,” he told Nerikes Allehanda.

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