Swede charged after drunken golf cart drive

Swede charged after drunken golf cart drive
Officers in a police patrol car in Tylösand in southern Sweden were surprised to encounter a golf cart with a drunk man at the wheel, his grumpy old father beside him and a passenger standing at the back, waving.

The officers spotted the unlikely vehicle and its somewhat peculiar passengers on the road leading back from a local restaurant, reported local paper Hallandsposten.

Officers followed the car to question the driver, but as soon as he had parked on the driveway, he swiftly leapt out and ran into a house, according to the paper.

His old father, who had been sitting next to him, wasn’t happy about the pursuing policemen’s presence.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” he reportedly shouted, asking the officers if they had nothing better to do than to harass people in golf carts.

Not until the officers threatened him with getting a search warrant for the house did the old man take them seriously and fetched his 34-year-old son.

It transpired that the 34-year-old had drunk a beer with his meal, and the 0.22 promille alcohol in his bloodstream was enough to push him over the limit, as the cut off point for drunk driving in Sweden is a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.2 promille alcohol.

At first the old man said that he had been seated with his son in the restaurant and that the amount he had imbibed “couldn’t be a big deal”.

However, according to Hallandsposten, the old man changed his story when he realized he too was under suspicion for knowingly letting an inebriated person drive, now saying that they had been at separate tables.

The son, however, fessed up and admitted they had all been seated together and is now facing a drunk driving charge. It is unclear what role the standing passenger at the back played in the incident.

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