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Government parties lose ground in polls

TT/The Local/rm · 20 Aug 2012, 08:14

Published: 20 Aug 2012 08:14 GMT+02:00

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The poll carried out by research company United Minds for daily Aftonbladet, showed that the alliance would lose to the Opposition by 6.4 percentage points, should the election be held today.

“The whole alliance is perceived as tired. Voters don’t understand what they want,” said Carl Melin of United Minds to Aftonbladet.

Rifts within the alliance could jeopardize the coalition, according to Melin.

“Both the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party are fighting to survive, with rather spectacular gestures as a result. At the same time the Moderates are trying to be the large middle party. Of course this is creating tensions,” Melin told Aftonbladet.

Despite recent storms around Centre Party head and minister for enterprise Annie Lööf, the party gained some ground in the poll with 4.8 percent of voter support; 0.8 percentage points above the watershed 4 percent for the Riksdag.

The Christian Democrats managed to squeeze past the 4 percent watershed by the skin of their teeth in the poll, while the Liberals (Folkpartiet) lost a whole 1.7 percentage points.

“If one of the parties are out of the Riksdag it will be essentially impossible for the alliance to win the election. Then we will see a shift in power,” Melin said to the paper.

In total the alliance parties got 41.8 percent of voter support in the poll, a decrease by 0.3 percentage points, whereas the Opposition gained 0.1 percentage points, giving them a lead of 6.4 percentage points at 48.2 percent of voter confidence.

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1,187 Swedes took part in the survey in July and August

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11:00 August 20, 2012 by Spyronic
The Local doesn't mention that the Sweden Democrats are now the 3rd largest party in Sweden now with 8,4% of the voters support according to this poll. The Swedish people are tired of being ruled by these corrupt globalists and multicultarists.

It is scary to think about that so many people are voting for the Greens that openly support removing all forms of restrictions on immigration, lower punishment for violent and tough criminals, extremely higher petrol taxes and supports abolishing our extremely important and neccessary nuclear power in favor of ineffective and massively government subsided wind energy.

The Green party has support of the majority of Swedish journalists according to recent polls, so the Swedish people will never see a truly critical investigation of the policies of the green party.
11:20 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
Spyronic, Think about what you are saying there.

You make a couple of true remarks, then tout a bunch or nonsense.

I agree with you 100% of the issue with the Sweden Democrats, People have grown tired of some of the migration polices of main parties. I myself am a British Migrant, have setup a company in Sweden and now will employ 4 people. Unfortunately the Sweden Democrats would of made this very difficult for me. Luckily for most a vote for the Sweden Democrats is a protest vote.

Multiculturalism and Globalisation. To be global is important in these times, the world has moved on from inward thinking countries and co operation and cross border trade are what stimulates growth, if we are to live in this Market Economy thats the way it has to be.

Multiculturalism can not really work in a lot of countries, only some. Sweden in a cultural sense can accommodate cultures that revolve around some of the same core principles of Freedom of Press, Gender Equality, Socialism and Welfare, Freedom of Religion and its place as a private affair. Because of these values (as well as others) some cultures and religions are simply not compatible and will cause conflict.

On Energy, you do realise that Nuclear Power is subsidised right ? Not just in Sweden, but pretty much every country with Nuclear Power is. Also Ineffective? Setting up Solar, Hydro, Wind which costs very little maintenance for future generations can have clean and renewable and safe energy for 100 probably thousands of years is ineffective. Yes Nuclear is very cost efficient but requires lots of maintenance and if something goes wrong, well we all know the ramifications. Obviously the Soviet stations were bad but Japans were state of the art and failed and yes because of a natural event, but guess what? We live in a natural world. So no one can be certain that a event wont happen here in Sweden, do you want to risk the beauty safety of Sweden and the people living here all in the name of money?
11:38 August 20, 2012 by Spyronic
Robert, it is in fact you who are spouting nonsense. First of all, globalization and being "global" is not the same thing. Globalization is a process started by politicicans and it's effects can also be mitigated by POLITICIANS. You don't need mass migration from Africa and the Middle East to be "global", you don't need to institute trade policicies that encourages people to buy a bunch of cheap crap from China to be "global" and you ESPECIALLY don't need to have free movement of people all across Europe which encourages East european crime gangs and proffesional beggars/elderly robbers to be "global". You can take your "globalization" and shove it.

Second of all, if you had reserached the immigration policies of the Sweden Democrats you would know that they are actually strongly in favor of skilled labor migrants from other western countries such as Britain. In fact probably close to 20% of all members of SD are from Finland, Norway, Denmark and other Western European Countries.

Thirdly nuclear power is not in fact subsidized but a highly profitable source of energy that produces vastly more energy Per kilowatt than the Wind power plants that litter the Swedish countryside. The failed Solyndra company which Obama spent billions on should be a testiment to all windpower lovers out there of this wholly innefective energy source.

Swedens true future must lie in immitating the energy policies of the french who have cleverly predicted the bright future of nuclear power.

11:41 August 20, 2012 by SOIS.COM
Whats interesting about SD is they have sort of become a self fulfilling prophecy.

1. Swedish armament manufacturers sell weapons which US, UK, etc. use to invade countries and murder a lot of children, women, men and the occasional soldier.

2. UNHCR mandates Sweden accepts refugees because of all the murder the Swedish arms industry helped to commit.

3. Immigrants who whose families, countrymen, and tribe members move to Sweden and then are ostracized by the society in some sort of national socialist plan the creators of the warsaw ghetto would be proud of.

4. The right rises up to protest all of these immigrants in Sweden.

How convenient the whole immigration mess is a problem Sweden created, its people are complicit to mass murder by proxy, yet the immigrants are supposedly the ones to blame. Sweden long ago could have taken the moral high ground in such issues but has refrained to do so and instead do what it usually does go which ever the way the wind blows without a thought to what is right or wrong or the damage they cause.
11:50 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
Spyronic - ...Ok...

SD is just riding the whole anti migration platform that Europe is experiencing. While some of it is justified. I have seen first hand what the right ring parties behave like. I am sure there are some SD members who want the right thing, but truth is the party is full of racists and ignorant.

There you go again, with the whole energy thing, its all about money isnt it? Renewable energy wont be profitable. Its not in its design or system to be, Its designed to be well, renewable and ever lasting and as risk free as possible (to peoples health and well being, not peoples pockets).

SOIS.COM, You are pretty spot on there, but lots of countries follow that system as well. Sweden does need to take a moral high ground here. Bring migrants here does not solve anything, the money and time can be spent in other countries if it should come to it. But we all know these wars are a farse.
11:55 August 20, 2012 by Spyronic
SOIS, you are spouting a bunch of nonsense, the swedish arms industrys products are very rarely used in war, you're characterization of the role of the US and the UK in war is propaganda and bull***t. It is also not the UNHCR that decides swedish migration policy, but the swedish politicians such as mass migration enthusiast Birgitta Ohlsson, Bengt Westerberg, Annie Lööf, the greens, the left and Fredrik Reinfledts Moderates.

Your characterization of integration in Sweden is also false, Sweden spends mosts on integration of immigrants than any other country in the western world per capita. The difference is that Sweden has no "selection process" when it comes to what immigrants to take in so we get those that come from the poorest, most culturally distant and releigiously funamentalist war zone countries.

The natural responce to this is of course the fairly moderate Sweden Democrats who are patriotic and nationalist Swedes who love and prioritise their country first.
12:06 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
Spyronic - I dont want to live on this planet anymore....

Some Swedish weapons are the most popular in the world you idiot.

Bofors Cannons, CV90's, Bandvagn 206 are just a few examples, used by thousands.
12:20 August 20, 2012 by SOIS.COM
1. http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2010/11/02/wikileaks-swedish-weapons-used-in-iraq/

"Swedish weapons were used by both sides in the Iraq war, according to around 400,000 classified U.S. files released by WikiLeaks last week. The website's founder, Julian Assange, who was refused residency in Sweden a few days before, claimed that the "truth" about the war justified WikiLeaks' action. The 2004-2009 documents show that around 15,000 more civilians were killed than had previously been reported.

Amongst weaponry appearing in the WikiLeaks files are Carl Gustav recoilless anti-tank rifles, plus a variety of ammunition and even some old Swedish sub-machine guns. With about 200 mentions, Saab's world-renowned AT4 light anti-tank weapon featured most prominently in the files, with the U.S. having purchased more than half a million.

Another disclosure refers to the U.S. launch of a Swedish Excalibur grenade which killed Abu Yasin - an HVT (high-value target) according to the American military - and 17 others in 2007."

Swedish weapons are used on a daily basis to murder people by the US.

2. It does not matter how much a country spends on integration it matters how effective the money that is spent is. You cant have any selection process in Sweden towards immigrants because the people here are intolerant and backwards. The money shoudl be spent on teaching the Swedish people to be tolerant and accepting of diversity and forced upon them via affirmative action programs where at least 20% of all white collar jobs, board positions, and political seats are held by those who are ethnically diverse.

3. Nationalism is a lie. People who believe in nationalism ate the pill and allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the cultural norms and values of their nation during their upbringing. Generally nationalists are conformists, have relatively low intellectual capacity, and are adverse to the unknown. I am sure at one time it meant something to be Swedish or American or whatever, but nationalism more often than not is a tool to unite people at the expense of dividing themselves from the other. Its a belief, and as in any belief the believers will be manipulated by those in power. Its easy to wave a flag a hell of a lot harder to burn one. At this stage Sweden is owned by the industrialists and capitalists and the people have been left out in the cold, same can be said for the USA, and UK. What is there to be proud about?

Swedish Democrats are not moderate. They are extremist and based in Nazi ideology, the Norwegian progressive party has distanced themselves from SD for SD's extremism. I do hope the SD win more political power in Sweden, the more power they have, the more the world will see Sweden for what it really is. So, I am in full support of you and your party winning but for completely different reasons. Good luck.
12:21 August 20, 2012 by Spyronic
So what exactly is your point? That Sweden should abolish it's arms industry because some people might use it for purpose you don't agree with? Should we lose a hundred thousands jobs because Sunnis and Shi'ites and kurds and Islamists are constantly fighting civil wars in the Middle East? If you sell a car and somebody uses it to run somebody down, should you stop selling cars and let only your neighbour sell cars as a sign of moral superiority? This line of reasoning is retarded and typical of pacificst leftwingers without any connection to economic reality.
12:39 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
While some of SOIS.COM's comments are strong with regards to swedes learning and accepting to immigrants. I agree with some of it. But i dont think swedes need to be taught anything, they just need time. Sweden is not a country of long term migration inward to the country. Compared to the UK, USA and France etc. It is fairly new and only recently mainstream.

Spyronic, you go again with the same old argument about money rather then morals. Your comment about cars is the most retarded thing you have said. Guns are designed and made purely for killing, cars are made for personal transport. If i use a Gun as a book end or door stop, its still a gun. Humans can kill and create with lots of tools. Guns i am afraid is one that only kills.

Come back when guns can fire seeds in the ground to make trees grow, or build houses or cure people and i will listen.

I dont think Sweden is as backwards as you think SOIS.COM, in fact my experience here has been welcoming and very friendly and nice, i understand not all is like that. But the majority is welcoming and open.

I also believe if you move to another country, you should learn the language, culture and lifestyle and values that country holds. Sweden has one of the best health care systems, education, welfare, social well being, lowest crime rates and financially and economically sound industries in the world. They must be doing something right.

Spyronic, i understand you view to defend what is great here. Its perfectly normal, but dont be clouded by pure ignorance. SOIS.COM nationalism does not have to be bad, its just commonly associated with bad. Being passionate about something, being it a country, job or hobby is not a bad thing. As long as those passions are not forced. We can not force people to love sweden, just as we can not force our selfs to love certain things.
13:13 August 20, 2012 by SOIS.COM
@Robert, thanks for your comments. The only way immigrants get power is by taking it. So such concepts as affirmative action must be forced upon Swedes by migrants in a similar way Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement did in the US. As no one is going to give away power without a fight for it. You are most welcome to believe that people should learn the language, culture, etc. when moving to another country. Thats your point of view and you are most welcome to it. On the other hand, I believe immigrants are not a one size fits group and not so easy to pigeon hole. I can go to South Florida and not here any English all day, as long as they pay their taxes who cares? Second, Swedish is an utterly useless language anywhere else besides Sweden and parts of Finland. Its not my fault that Sweden failed to expand beyond its boarders and only has 9 million people speaking the language. Small nations are like small minority populations living on the fringe...the hand of history will wipe them off the map. Why would anyone with any sense invest in a dying or stagnant culture or way of life for themselves or their children. Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, English and a few other languages those are the ones that matter, that governments or peoples hold on to old ways of thinking is not my problem its theirs. In sum, nationality and country are illusions in my opinion reinforced by the nation state to control the people. Not a game I am interested in playing if it suits your fancy more power to you. I don't disagree with you that Sweden has accomplished many good things. The healthcare system here is not that great its about average, education they are in the top 20 but finland smokes them in the nordics, on a report card I would give Sweden a B overall. Its important to leave the good but rip the bad out of the system. The US was heralded as a great and kind country after WW II. That brand cache worked for about two decades until the world saw how African Americans were treated in the south and the veil of a so called great democracy was pierced. I believe after Civil rights the US was a stronger country on a moral level. Sweden needs to go through a similar process in my opinion, the old xenophobic ways of thinking must be destroyed, in the US that was accomplished with political,legal force and civil action, it will have to occur the same way here as well....out the other side will be a healthier country overall. At the end of the day, I have been in groups where Swedes have been surrounded by people from different cultures, different colors, and all too often I see how uncomfortable Swedes who are in power are in those situations. I keep on wanting to make those people feel uncomfortable by forcing them to work and live with diversity until their discomfort no longer exists. Would you like to give me some positive examples of nationalism?
13:21 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
Your comments are great, i do enjoy reading them on this site :)

I do believe sweden is in need of some shock therapy as so to speak, it certainly will help its morality.

Lots of nationalism comes out of persecution or fear of, such as when cultural areas declare independence and have a strong sense, but thats not so positive. But sometimes nationalism can help where people rally together in strength to restore the country they live in, this can happen in towns and villages. Argentina is a good example, during Eva's time. When the country was pretty much dead and its people rallied and banded together in strength to restores it economy and well being which worked. No conflict in that. I am sure there are others.
13:39 August 20, 2012 by SOIS.COM

Thanks, I can see where you are coming from regarding nationalism. In Greece, Argentina, and Iceland they have banded together of late. Iceland and Argentina defaulted on their debt...I can see that form of nationalism being highly useful in an age where banks have captured the regulators and enslaved the people into debt. I am all for that type of nationalism in the US and UK...its going to have to happen sooner or later anyway as the governments of the world cannot indefinitely support 750 trillion + derivative debt that is there largely to allow the profiteers in synthetic markets become billionaires. Overall, the banks have been very damaging to many western economies and rallying under the flag to send the boards of JP Morgan and so forth to prison would not be a bad thing.
13:43 August 20, 2012 by robertjmizen
Finally, someone else who understands. SOIS.COM, thank you my faith in human kind is now gone a notch in the up direction. Speaking to people about what the banks and rich elite have done and continue to do gets you responses about being some utopian dreamer or fool. Its fair to say that the Market Economy system has failed. I hope that the world will continue to protest and force the system down the toilet and advance our species into something more civilised.
14:01 August 20, 2012 by SOIS.COM
@Robert, Jon Moynihan the head of PA Consulting has a handy presentation called " The Decline of The West". Rather brilliant thinking on his part and many of his observations as to why the failings have occurred in the west would find agreement in the circles of dissenters, if not how to solve the problem. If interested, Jon's presentation is on the PA Consulting You Tube channel.
14:46 August 20, 2012 by Eric1
If the Greens/Leftist got into power it would mean food shortages, fuel shortage, no jobs, massive decline in the standard of living, world wide extreme poverty, promoting wars on every continent of the Earth. I understand this is not their goal but naive people in power leads to horrible consequences.
15:15 August 20, 2012 by muscle

Based on your suggestion, IRAN should be allowed to make atomic bomb!
17:33 August 20, 2012 by Rod Munch
Congrats to the Sweden Democrats - Sweden's 3rd largest party!
19:30 August 20, 2012 by towns
"Why would anyone with any sense invest in a dying or stagnant culture or way of life for themselves or their children. Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, English and a few other languages those are the ones that matter" - #11

SOIS, I agree with some of your points, but this is just silly. Hebrew was practically a dead language until the Jews resurrected it and made it the state language of a nation. The Maori language was almost out of use until a revival created a new identity and re-strenghtened culture for a whole people. Belarus and the concept of Belarusian identity/language practically didn't exist 160 years ago but has since emerged contrary to centuries of Polonization and Russification.

By arguing that only the 6 or so most spoken languages in the world are "important" (important for what anyway? International business relations? Globalization?) you are basically (unintentionally, I hope) advocating the removal of natural human diversity, identity and in many ways, history.

Additionally, saying Swedish is a "dying" language is in many ways a subjected and arguable statement, nobody can predict the future and don't say a language is useless unless there are no longer any native speakers, even then don't be so sure! You're saying why would anybody want to teach their kids Swedish? Well I don't know, perhaps living in Sweden and only being able to speak Mandarin, English or Arabic and not a word of "useless" Swedish is a much more practical solution?

Maybe you should tell the Jews or the Sami that the preservation of their languages is "useless" too? You might be surprised at their respective reactions.
19:43 August 20, 2012 by Svealander
"Sweden is not a country of long term migration inward to the country. Compared to the UK, USA and France etc. It is fairly new and only recently mainstream."

There's a difference between a "mass societal awareness" of migration and apathy. The irony is that countries that don't have that much migration tend to be better at "assimilating" migrants than countries that have had so much migration the national character changes and progress is made to "alter" national identity, thus creating a fragmentation or cultural mosaic. The above countries you mention have such a mosaic but Sweden has not yet "evolved" or "de-evolved" (as some would say) to that stage yet.
19:45 August 20, 2012 by towns

Meant to say "subjective" and not "subjected" in my last comment, excuse that and any other spelling and grammar errors, please.
22:52 August 20, 2012 by Uncle

Serously.. I am reading your novels and I am absolutely shocked that nobody sees your double standards. Apparently, since Sweden did not expand through blood and oppression (like the beloved Chinese and Arabic did) it's culture and national identity is IRRELEVANT and DYING.

The minority in the world that should forget completely about it's nationality because there are BIGGER nations. However, GOD forbid that this minority in the world would not do everything in it's might to assist the poor little minorities here in Sweden!

Also, apparently, the Volvo and ABB boards of directors should push forward executives on the basis of SKIN and ETHNICITY, rather than abilities, but the swedish ethnicity and nationality as a whole is incorrect and irrelevant!

Bastards like you did everything in their might to bring people like Mugabe to power in the name of "equality" and LOVE, but when 25% of the white africans in Zimbabwe were hanging on hooks without heads, all of a sudden there was silence!

God, you actually judge Swedish healthcare and education as not the best in the world. Sweden is HEAVEN for any family or worker with it's 6 weeks of vacation. It has a solid, well sponsored medical care, free and clean nature, it is peaceful, it is tolerant towards any religion, it accepts immigrants who cannot read and never saw a lamp in their lives, it has a very high average income, strong music industry, good sports. Swedish pensioners travel a lot, kids are enjoying freedom of choice of different education methodologies. People did not lock their houses until the immigrants that you love so much started to arrive in tens of thousands. Sweden provides free language support, citizenship for a BOY/GIRLFRIEND... A line to get into this country can stretch for hundreds of MILES!

As an alternative, you and alike you would erase all of this through language elimination, swedish mentality deletion as irrelevant and increase the import of medieval savages, who do not see anything beyond Islam, who are not INTERESTED in integration with the Kumbaya singing commies like you.

After swedes all will bend over and speak arabic, it will turn into the hell that Sweden saved these people from! Already now there are areas in Belgium where women do not get to walk in normal clothing without being attacked. Already now an obvious Jew cannot walk on the streets of Stockholm.

And what is sad, is that lefties will leave Swedes to disappear under sharia and go encourage destruction of another haven. Like locust.
09:14 August 21, 2012 by SOIS.COM
@Uncle. Thanks for putting a lot of words into my mouth and attempting to vilify me.

1. My statement that "small nations (culutres) are swept off the earth by the hand of history" is a fact. You are vilifying me for calling the water blue.

2A. I would advise separating the morality people are indoctrinated with for domestic purposes..keeping the rabble in line, from realpolitik, how nations actually conduct business outside of their borders where it is simply about national interests although from time to time its spun as PR for moral purposes if the opportunity exists.

2B. Since a great deal of foreign policy politics DO impact everyday peoples lives, yet they have no idea what the full impact of foreign policy decisions are or how they are made this is a dark corner of democracy that needs to be made transparent.

3. Hey, its fine for me if Sweden exists and hopefully flourishes. My bone to pick is that the education system here and culture is trying to tell me how to live in terms of mine and my children's identity. We came to Sweden because of the opportunity to educate our kids in English yet live on the continent. In the last 5 years with the passing of "Swedish as an official language" and the rise of the right and extremist right, the passing of the FRA law - violating centuries of public use laws, and the new education bill limiting educational options regarding diversity...well, that Sweden is losing many of the great liberal tenets that made the country what it is. It feels that there is a pogrom happening against a way of life that Sweden sold us on when we moved here.

I see the new nation building with activities such as "Honoring Raoul Wallenberg" as a way to cover up the history of the rest of the Wallenbergs as Nazi collaborators via SEB, SKF, and favorable loans and trade with the Nazis. The new right is trying to erase history and replace it with a history that suits it. The same sort of behavior happened in the US after 9/11 and it got real ugly real quickly.

4. You are flying off the handle regarding Arabic inferring Sweden will turn into a hell. N The US is the one invading Arabic countries and supporting dictatorships, Saudi Arabia, in fact Sweden is supporting SA, by not calling it a dictatorship...I suppose for the current Swedish government finds selling weapons to them more important than honesty. Many of the people who have come to Sweden as refugees are here due to Sweden sells arms that kill people in their countries and the UNHCR has mandated that Swede must accept these refugees. There should be no fear by the west of Islam or Muslims, rather fear your governments who breed hate towards them.

Yes Sweden does have many great things about it but also there are many challenges for the future of this country.
13:41 August 21, 2012 by Uncle

You do not even COMPREHEND what I am saying. You are into repeating slogans and disregarding me mentioning those who are brought here, but are themselves into attacking minorities and women…

Let's start from the end. Who said that selling weapons is immoral? Since WHEN do weapons kill people? Should Sweden stop steel production as well, because it can be reworked into weapons? Should it stop with electronics? How about software? It is used in rockets, after all!

Hey, I have an idea… Let's stop producing textiles, since they are used for "bad people" uniforms! The bad people also eat potatoes. Let's stop that! Without weapons, neither South Korea, nor Kuwait, nor Slavic people would be saved from total extermination. Your beloved Afghanis managed to defend themselves from the Soviets and Vietnamese - from the americans with the help of weapons.

APPARENTLY, it is not good either. If I remember correctly, neither of them introduced democracies or ever WERE democracies, except S. Korea.

Let's disregard your communist rabble in the middle… You suggest that the west is "angrying" the little poor muslims and THERFORE they attack. Well, 9/11 happened WAY before US invaded anyone, Sudan was not invaded, Somali INITIATED a war with its huge army. Nobody "irritated" Iraq enough to invade Iran for oil. But STILL the west is expected to accept refugees. Ah, let's blame the colonists in the problems of these people. Hold, no colony? Let's recall the crusaders… The romans… SOMEHOW the Europeans and the west should PAY for something, while the hordes alike the mongols, turks, persians and arabs are not liable. They only "retailiate".

Also, if white people from America attack in Iraq, the white people in Sweden should accept the refugees (while understanding that the newcomers are rightfully angry). If other people attack, they surely attack because of Europeans in some way… With all of the above, the ethnicity of Sweden will disappear, because historically such nations disappeared (let's forget them Jews, Luxembourg, Malta, pygmies etc), but it STILL should pay for the aggression of SIMILAR ethnicities, while gladly accepting own suicide.

I also LOVED the apparent fault of Wallenberg as an Evil monster. Bosniaks, Estonians, Romanian, Moldavian, Arabs, Lithuanians, Ukranians gladly jumped on the opportunity to exterminate Jews, but neither they nor you scream about these faulty nations. Wallenberg is evil because he traded with germans as 50% of the world did. Let's not forget how ships were diverted form US and UK shores and how nazi parliamentaries were in every western parliament. But very few nations produced "wallenbergs".

Your constant attempt to humiliate Sweden, Swedish culture and Swedish mentality in the name of ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE is inducing vomit. I am completely shocked that your own ideas do not cause a strong mental dissonance in YOUR head. Or do they?
23:01 August 21, 2012 by james_g
I don't often agree with Uncle but in this case... SOIS - I wonder what your agenda is? Seems to me a case of 'with friends like you, who needs enemies?' Are you a covert operative for SD? Your irrational diatribes could well be designed to massively increase SD membership!
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The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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