Government parties lose ground in polls

The gap between the two political blocks in Sweden is widening, according to a new poll showing that the centre-right government alliance parties are losing ground.

Government parties lose ground in polls

The poll carried out by research company United Minds for daily Aftonbladet, showed that the alliance would lose to the Opposition by 6.4 percentage points, should the election be held today.

“The whole alliance is perceived as tired. Voters don’t understand what they want,” said Carl Melin of United Minds to Aftonbladet.

Rifts within the alliance could jeopardize the coalition, according to Melin.

“Both the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party are fighting to survive, with rather spectacular gestures as a result. At the same time the Moderates are trying to be the large middle party. Of course this is creating tensions,” Melin told Aftonbladet.

Despite recent storms around Centre Party head and minister for enterprise Annie Lööf, the party gained some ground in the poll with 4.8 percent of voter support; 0.8 percentage points above the watershed 4 percent for the Riksdag.

The Christian Democrats managed to squeeze past the 4 percent watershed by the skin of their teeth in the poll, while the Liberals (Folkpartiet) lost a whole 1.7 percentage points.

“If one of the parties are out of the Riksdag it will be essentially impossible for the alliance to win the election. Then we will see a shift in power,” Melin said to the paper.

In total the alliance parties got 41.8 percent of voter support in the poll, a decrease by 0.3 percentage points, whereas the Opposition gained 0.1 percentage points, giving them a lead of 6.4 percentage points at 48.2 percent of voter confidence.

1,187 Swedes took part in the survey in July and August

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