Murder slugs and piss ants: Sweden’s top ten most dangerous animals

Murder slugs and piss ants: Sweden’s top ten most dangerous animals
After hearing “an outrageous claim” about the potential ferocity of his new country's wildlife, The Local’s Oliver Gee looks deeper into the animals in Sweden most likely to do you harm.

I was talking to a Swede the other day when the conversation turned to animals. She, a proud, clever and perhaps somewhat sheltered Swede, had the audacity to compare what she called Sweden’s “dangerous” wildlife with Australia’s.

Coming from way Down Under myself, I told her my best tales of bloodthirsty sharks and deadly spiders, venomous snakes and psychotic koalas.

However, this Swede was nonplussed by my anecdotes.

“Well, we have these ants,” she said. “They’re called pissmyror (literally piss-ants) and can pee on you and leave you in pain for a whole day. Sometimes longer.”


Then she started talking about the dangerous flies. As she delved into an animated account about how the flies can take a huge chunk out of your leg (or something similarly ridiculous), I drifted off into my own thoughts.

Surely there’s more to the Swedish wilderness than piss-ants, right?

What’s the Great White Shark of Sweden? How is a wayward tourist most likely to become an un-tourist? And while I’m at it, how vicious is the so-called murder slug?

These questions are answered in the following gallery, where the most dangerous animals of Sweden have been rated and ranked… starting with number 10.

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