Two kids disappear from Stockholm pre-school

Two kids disappear from Stockholm pre-school
Two toddlers disappeared from a suburban Stockholm pre-school on Friday, and while they were soon found again it remains unclear how they managed to leave the playground unnoticed.

“This sort of thing can’t be allowed to happen,” said the pre-school’s manager to the TT news agency.

The staff were reportedly talking and playing with the children. Just ten minutes later they were gone without a trace.

When the children weren’t found anywhere on the pre-school’s area, or nearby, the local police force began preparing a major search operation during the afternoon.

“The deputy officer was sweating here, trying to get a team together,” said Albin Näverberg of the Stockholm police force’s county communications central.

But an hour after disappearing, the two children were found by a police patrol, at a bus stop by Tyresö centrum, relatively near the pre-school – at least from an adult perspective.

“The children said that they were adults, and that they were on their way to pre-school,” said Näverberg.

The Nacka police have filed a report on the disappearing act.

“We’ve also spoken to the pre-school’s staff, and told them they have to look over their supervision. But other than that we won’t be doing anything,” said station head Marika Karlsson.

The pre-school’s manager was upset to learn of the incident, five hours on.

“This is terrible! This sort of thing can’t be allowed to happen. Naturally I’ll be investigating what happened, how it could happen, and what went wrong,” she told TT.

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