Doc reported after breast surgery vids hit YouTube

Doc reported after breast surgery vids hit YouTube
A Stockholm-based plastic surgeon has been reported for uploading videos to YouTube, showing before, during and after footage of patients’ breast augmentations, where the women were identifiable.

Two women in their mid-twenties have reported the surgeon, after undergoing augmentations at the Nacka clinic in Stockholm, reported the local newspaper Dalarnas Tidning.

Whilst having consented to the surgeon filming the operation for use on the clinic’s private website, they’d agreed to it only under the condition that voices, faces and anything by which they could be identified would be removed.

The films were then uploaded to YouTube, where the women say they can easily be recognized. The women have now reported the surgeon to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

“Some six months later XX (surgeon’s name) uploaded these films WITH our voices and visible features on the Nacka clinic’s website and on Youtube. Youtube was never mentioned in our agreement, and we were very careful to point out that voices and any visible features should be cut out, so that no one would recognize us in the films,” wrote the women in their report, according to Dalarnas Tidning.

Coming from a small town in Sweden, they have been recognized and questioned by friends, they write.

“The thought of knowing that very many in our age group have seen the film causes us great frustration and panic.”

The films have now been removed from YouTube, but the two women demand some sort of compensation for the insult in their report to Socialstyrelsen.

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