Swedish doc caught taking pics of naked kids

Swedish doc caught taking pics of naked kids
The man in this picture is not the man from the story
An Uppsala doctor is under investigation for child pornography crimes after being caught with thousands of images of naked children on his phone.

The man was caught after a concerned mother reported to police how she had seen a man snapping pictures of naked children playing at a Stockholm beach last summer, according to Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT).

When police arrived on the scene, witnesses observed the man throwing something on the ground. It turned out to be an empty packet of cigarettes containing a memory card.

Witnesses, who had observed the man, said that he had been secretly snapping the kids, and that on at least one occasion he had tried to get children’s attention with a bag of toys.

Police investigating the man were surprised to find that he is a high-ranking medical doctor from Uppsala, according to the paper.

On his phone, the officers discovered some 2,000 images of naked children playing, all between the ages of 1 and 5.

Another memory card turned out to contain a further 7,000 images of naked children, mainly from beaches around the area.

After searching through the man’s hard drives and USB memories, police discovered material that have been classed as child pornography, according to UNT.

Despite the ongoing investigation, however, the man is still working and according to UNT his workplace has not been informed of the suspicions against him.

The social services have been informed of the investigation, due to the fact that the man has children of his own.

However, the agency is not allowed to breach confidentiality and approach the man’s place of employment regardless of the fact that he will come across children in his work.

Police can choose to contact the man’s place of work, but haven’t in this case and the investigators are unwilling to speak to the paper.

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