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'Sweden must do more to combat racism'

The Local · 25 Sep 2012, 16:23

Published: 25 Sep 2012 16:23 GMT+02:00

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"ECRI welcomes the positive developments in Sweden. However, despite the progress made, there are still some points of concern," the authors wrote.

The report, authored by a human rights body within the Council of Europe, calls for more measures to combat housing segregation as well as discrimination in schools, health care and the legal system.

Since the commission’s third report in 2005, much ground has been gained in a number of the areas on which the ECRI focuses. However, the report states that there is much more that should be done.

Much more could be done to promote positive action in Sweden, something that is not currently viewed as “generally acceptable”, according to the report.

The report also identifies obstacles in the Swedish legal system in bringing cases to court involving agitation against a national or ethnic group committed through the media.

The fact that only a small proportion of incidents reported result in prosecution or sentencing also increases victims’ tendency not to report offences, according to the report.

“This may help to perpetuate racism and racial discrimination,” the ECRI concluded.

The authors of the report recognized that xenophobic and Islamophobic parties have gained ground in Sweden over the past few years.

“Anti-Muslim political discourse has become more widespread and the tone has hardened. Online racism has continued to grow exponentially,” the report stated.

The report also described how residential segregation still exists in Sweden:

“Its effects are compounded by discrimination in the housing market that particularly affects Roma, Muslims, Afro-Swedes and asylum seekers.”

This will also lead to educational inequality due to a widening gap in education between institutions and a different experience for students from vulnerable groups at school:

Story continues below…

“Pupils with an immigrant background still perform less well at school than those without and are sometimes victims of racist bullying and harassment, which are not always correctly handled by school principals.”

According to the report, discrimination also persists on the labour market, affecting not only new entrants but also immigrants who have been settled in Sweden for a number of years.

The Roma people continue to be victims of discrimination, according the report, as are the indigenous Sami, who face problems with participation in decisions affecting them and that would threaten their traditional way of life.

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Your comments about this article

17:14 September 25, 2012 by Eric1
As long as combating racism means all forms. Anti-Caucasian racism (native Swede) is rising dramatically.
17:49 September 25, 2012 by Richard Head
Agreed with above. If we're going to talk about "xenophobia" then let's also talk about how 99% of the time the rapist is a North African and the victim is an ethnic Swede. That number is an exaggeration but still probably not too far off. Can we talk about this type of "racism" as well? Or is this just another exercise in white guilt?
18:01 September 25, 2012 by deya
most hate, racism, crime etc comes from the MENA immigrants against swedes!
18:09 September 25, 2012 by oddsock
"That number is an exaggeration but still probably not too far off."

Ah yes, facts. Who needs them...
18:10 September 25, 2012 by bourgeoisieboheme
I have to say, as a non-Swede I think the Swedish people are the most tolerant, un-racist, and politically correct people I have ever met. I think they are so un-racist that they open the doors to the world to take advantage of them. Only times I have seen anything racist in Sweden is has been non-swedes so this report is utter foolishness to me.
18:12 September 25, 2012 by oddsock
A PDF for you, bourgeoisieboheme:


Some "facts". And "research."
18:25 September 25, 2012 by ctinej
Prejudice comes from reputation.

We equate Roma with lie, cheat, steal, and rape because this is what we see.

Muslim is associated with filth, terrorism. Because this is what we see.

As far as I am concerned, prejudice and reputation are one in the same. If your ethnic group has a bad reputation, screaming "racist" and telling me to ignore the facts isn't going to get you anywhere.

Charles Manson is in prison for life. He killed no one!!! But he influenced those who did. So....Why are all these Muslim idiots calling for death to a guy who makes a movie, or offering a bounty, not immediately given life sentences? I think these religious nuts are nothing more than a huge version of the Manson Family.

When I think of all the money that Muslims are costing the world, it is sickening. You cant educate them, they will kill you if you try. Is there a solution?

I'm sad for my children, who are living in a world so much more violent than what I experienced in the 50's and 60's. Big news then, was who won the foot ball game. You could walk on an airplane with a ticket just like the one to the movie theater.
18:30 September 25, 2012 by oddsock
In fairness, you aren't being asked to ignore the facts, but to look at them.
18:33 September 25, 2012 by StockholmSam
The first thing we need to do to combat racism and xenophobia is get rid of all the library books that might offend our egalitarian sensibilities. I sure hope someone is looking into that.
18:42 September 25, 2012 by Svensksmith
Yes! We need to end discrimination against kafirs!
19:04 September 25, 2012 by Investor612
When did Muslim become a race?

Even with Muslims it isn't the religion Swedes are concerned about. Most Swedes could care less about religion. It's the behavior and attitudes that are rejected.
19:37 September 25, 2012 by johan rebel
Although the authorities are not keen on publicizing them, there are facts and stats available. I'm too lazy to look 'm all up, but here are some examples:

18% of known perps are not Swedish, whilst about 12% of the population isn't Swedish. However, when it comes to serious crimes, the figures are even more skewed. About 75% of prison inmates are not Swedish, for example.

The bottom line is that non-Swedes are seriously overrepresented in crime statistics, and the more serious the crime, the worse it gets:. 87.1% ov (violent) robberies in Malmö in 2011 were committed by non-Swedes.

The non-Swede category includes persons not resident in the country; persons born in another non-Nordic country or with at least one parent born in another non-Nordic country; as well as those born in another Nordic country. The latter commit fewer crimes than Swedes, as do those from western Europe, North America, China, etc. Those from the Near and Middle East, eastern Europe and the Balkans therefore do even worse than the above figures suggest.

The facts are out there, you can check for yourself. Google is your friend.
20:03 September 25, 2012 by tercel
@ 18:09 September 25, 2012 by oddsock

"Ah yes, facts. Who needs them..."

Well here are a few URL's for your facts. There are more than 30 that come to the same conclusion ( I stopped after 30, the list just went on and on), your government and those who report the news are colluding to hide the facts from the Swedish people.



Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) knows full well that racism can not be on the part of the dark skinned immigrants, for ONLY white people can be racists. (sarcasm now off)
20:33 September 25, 2012 by wxman
Thanks to innate common sense, numerous personal experiences and the Internet, as a vehicle to convey those experiences to others, the vast majority of people (of any nation) KNOW the truth regarding what/who is a legitimate threat, regardless of media and leftist organizational spin to convey the opposite. Buh, Bye big media everywhere!
20:37 September 25, 2012 by oddsock
Yes, non-Swedes are statistically more likely to be involved in crime than Swedes. Nobody is denying this. But what conclusion are you trying to reach using this fact?

There are also way more male professors at universities than females. Is this because males are smarter than females?

Correlation does not equal causation.

Learn to think.
20:54 September 25, 2012 by procrustes
Swedes are no more racist than any other Western civilization. Their challenge is one of tribal narcissism underpinned with personal feelings of inferiority. They really do believe that they're genetically superior (beauty, intelligence), but because of their culture imperative of self deprecation they sometimes respond in very strange ways.
20:55 September 25, 2012 by Brianito
Answer : Integration ! The government of Sweden don't appear (or refuse) to understand this particular word, so here is the meaning of the word ........ http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/integration .... it works perfectly well in most western countries ;-)
21:15 September 25, 2012 by frenchviking
@oddsock: are you joking? of course men are smarter than women! ;)

Sorry, I could not pass on that one without making a bad joke...

But seriously, this brings me to a very important point when it comes to Sweden... Sweden is the country that is making the most efforts in the world to be fair towards all groups, regardless of sex, colour, religion, you name it...

Sweden is so scared of discriminating any group, that Swedes are scarred of waving their own flag and singing their own national anthem!!!

Before these idiots wrote their paper they should have considered how many refugees Sweden is taking in from the most difficult parts of the world in terms of integration. Sweden takes people in that most other countries do not want, people who are coming from war zones, have grown up in extreme violence and have cultures that are very incompatible with western culture, and especially with Swedish culture whereby they are used to shout louder than others to get what they want.... Swedes are scarred of open conflict and shy away...

Look at the ratio between number of refugees taken in versus number of inhabitants in Sweden... I am sure it is one of the highest in the world.

And how is this made possible? Thanks to very high taxes... paid by native swedes mostly... I could bet that the groups that would be discriminated are not the highest tax payers... but they surely represent the highest cost to Sedish tax payers...

So how can we qualify sweden as racistic? I really do not get it...

21:25 September 25, 2012 by procrustes

When one understands that much of Sweden does with respect to egalitarian acts comes from guilt imbued from childhood, the picture is different. As I wrote earlier, Sweden are no more racist than anyone else, but contrary to what they like to believe, their no more generous than anyone else.
21:36 September 25, 2012 by frenchviking
individual swedes may not be more generous... but Sweden has one of the most generous systems in the world. And they have such system because they do not think that people would abuse it...

but other cultures (including the french one), are more based on what one can get away with... and the average swede gets "ripped off".

Yet they maintain that system and keep on voting for people who maintain such system.

That to me shows that they are amongst the most generous people.

Treating them of racists and of discrimination is an outrage.

And I am taking offense for them... and also because I am paying tax here!
21:40 September 25, 2012 by oddsock
"And how is this made possible? Thanks to very high taxes... paid by native swedes mostly... I could bet that the groups that would be discriminated are not the highest tax payers... but they surely represent the highest cost to Sedish tax payers..."

And the immigrants are four times less likely than somebody called Björn or Anna to get a job, so the whole thing becomes a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just like years ago in the UK: "No dogs. No blacks. No Irish."

"So how can we qualify sweden as racistic? I really do not get it..."

Honestly, just read this. Skip to page six if you are too lazy:


You really don't understand this unless you have been discriminated on the job market. I have been a foreigned in various countries since 1985 and have experienced numerous cases of employment discrimination.
21:53 September 25, 2012 by Migga
The thing that I noticed in this article is that some groups are sticking out. Why is it that the Romans, Muslims, Afro-Swedes and asylum seekers are pointed out? If Swedes are racist shouldn`t they hate all foreigners? Could there be some other explanation? Could it be that part of the issue lies within these groups? How`s the crime rate or integration level in these groups? What are the values and norms within these groups?

I think some groups stick out more because of their behaviour and attitude, not their skin or race.

@ oddsock

I read your link and according to that Sweden has a lower rate of discrimination, or on par with, other european countries.

@ Brianito

So in all other western countries the integration works perfectly well?
21:56 September 25, 2012 by frenchviking
i am not saying that discrimination does not exist in sweden... it exist everywhere...

But Sweden is a country that does so much to avoid it. There are even free swedish classes for immigrants!

and one can get a job without speaking swedish!

Sweden and swedes are doing so much for immigrants that I see this report as an insult. And I take it personally too as I am paying tax here.

as an example... how easy is it for a native sweden who is a white male to join the police? much harder than for a female or non white native swede... that is discrimination to me... but against native white male swedes...
22:16 September 25, 2012 by Grokh
Sweden avoids any rational debate about immigration and integration debates in such a way that it is unclear where one should stand.

There are places in sweden where swedes are not welcome , certain neighbourhoods etc. No one talks about them because of fear of being labelled a racist.

If sweden wants to combat racism it needs to start talking about immigration and integration from both sides of the spectrum, because there is a lot of racism in sweden, from BOTH sides.

And i dear say that some of the racism comes from the frustration of some people for not being able to criticize or even talk about some issues without being accused of being a racist.
23:14 September 25, 2012 by skatty
It's interesting; so many persons (actually the majority by their comments in here) seem irritated by the report of ECRI.

It's the best evidence that the report reflect the reality of racism in the Swedish society, isn't it?! The organization just has done a research; Swedes can get out of the commission if they don't like to face the reality!
23:29 September 25, 2012 by frenchviking
I am just tired and annoyed about people always bringing up the excuse of racism and discrimination. Especially in Sweden where the system is protecting and supporting the various groups cited above.

If people feel discriminated against in Sweden, maybe they should try other countries... that would make them realise how good sweden is to immigrants and how generous its social security is...

I think that because of how much money is taken through tax to support refugees and seeing that people then have the nerves to complain about being discriminated against, we are seeing more and more swedes who are starting to realise that they are taken the mickey out of...

It is very good to welcome people who need help. And I am glad my tax money is used for it. I may need help myself one day...

But I am pissed off when I see that then people have the audacity to complain...

When people give you a home, a chance, and support you financially so you can have a good life, how can you complain? It seems like a lack of gratitude to me...
23:37 September 25, 2012 by oddsock

So what you're saying is that Sweden is as racist as the rest of Europe. So that makes it OK? I don't understand.

As for people of certain backgrounds having higher crime rates, you need to stop looking at ethnic backgrounds, and look at their socio-economic situation. When people come to a western country from the third world, with not a penny in their pocket and no connections, they have less a chance of succeeding in life than a Swede with well-off parents and a large family with good connections. That's pretty logical. Europeans coming to Sweden come here with money in their pocket, diplomas and often come here as expats.

You only have to look at the Irish in the US. When they first arrived there they came from a seriously poor country in the middle of a famine, with no money at all. They lived in ghettos with high crime and unemployment. Of course many said at the time they were how they were because they were Irish and because of their culture. But that was rubbish. 100 years later Kennedy was President.

The Irish in the 19th century and the Arabs in the 21st century. There's not much of a difference really. It's all socio-economics and nothing to do with culture or ethnicity.

But it's always the people who have grown up insulated and sheltered, within the womb of a homogenous country, who have had everything taken care of for them by their friends and family all their life, who get all the good jobs, it is always them who use ethnicity to blame people from disadvantaged backgrounds for having more difficulty succeeding in lufe. The arrogance. They hypocrisy. 25 years I've been a foreigner in various countries listening to this rubbish.
23:40 September 25, 2012 by Iraniboy
Everything is relative! Racism will exist as long as robbery and other crimes exist.

It is very clear that Swedes has one of the toughest laws against racism and one of countries with least racism in the world.

Sweden has done a lot in case of introducing strict laws to tackle racism. In some cases they have gone too far that has abused and yielded counterproductive. For example the issues with flag, national song etc have undermined the message of fighting against racism since it has been used by racists to undermine the whole platform of anti-racism movement completely.

However the issues mentioned by ECRI are not about laws which makes Swedes the best anti-racism country, it is things that Sweden hasn't done much so far. The residential segregation seems to be one of them.
00:56 September 26, 2012 by Global Macro
No. The ECRI could not be more wrong. This is rubbish. "The report … calls for more measures …" What sort of "measures" do you think they mean? They mean more government regulation of free speech and more prosecution of people with whom they disagree.

"Much more could be done to promote positive action in Sweden, something that is not currently viewed as "generally acceptable." "More acceptable" in whose opinion? The opinion of unelected bureaucrats?

I have a radical and politically incorrect opinion that I would ask our readers to consider: It should not be the role of any government or any government agency (especially a pack of unelected bureaucrats) to approve or disapprove of anyone's opinion. Ever. No matter how offensive they find someone's opinion.

The notion that "Much more could be done to promote positive action in Sweden" and "bringing cases to court involving agitation against a national or ethnic group committed through the media" is a much greater, more virulent and insidious threat to the liberties of Swedes than any of the alleged practices that they complain about.
04:57 September 26, 2012 by theibmsstate
How many immigrants have Professional job in sweden, 5% immigrant are doing professional jobs. if you compare with US, Canada,UK, immigrants can get professional jobs very easily.

why highly educated immigrants cannot get professional jobs???
07:07 September 26, 2012 by Swedishmyth
Racism in Sweden will never end unless mass immigration from Africa/ME followed by welfare and tolerance of violent crime by the government are abolished.
08:18 September 26, 2012 by skogsbo
ibm #30, what percentage of your 95% of immigrants without professional jobs, speak fluent Swedish and possess professional qualifications, or at least 15yrs of equivalent education?

Immigants get professional jobs in US, UK, Can, NZ, Aus because they speak the language, the home language of the nation. If Sweden was so bad, why o people keep coming? They go right past all the other European countries? Wonder how France faired in the base less survey?
10:51 September 26, 2012 by towns
@ Global Macro

Yep, you pretty much said it, the ECRI is basically a group of unelected bureaucrats who somehow feel it's their business to dig their noses in foreign nations' internal affairs. The worst part is, they are wrong in many instances of supposed discrimination they claim. For instance, in one report they said Germany should do more to combat anti-semitism and a Jewish community leader from Germany actually wrote to the ECRI stating that they were wrong in their assessment and that the Jews are arguably the least discriminated against minority in Germany!

Their "solutions" and "suggestions" basically amounts to telling a foreign government they should "do more to combat racism" how much more general and unspecific can you be? I mean don't get me wrong, they do go into detail by saying things like "more should be done to integrate the Romani community" but exactly how to do this or what steps to take to get the ball rolling they have no answers to.

Basically all blow and no show.
10:55 September 26, 2012 by Svealander
Ahh the "ECRI" yet another unelected bunch of know-it-all Eurocrats.
10:56 September 26, 2012 by towns
*Referring to my last comment (#33)*

Wow, apologies for the redundant use of "basically."
11:20 September 26, 2012 by rise
Well good luck in getting rid of the xenophobia in Swedes especially considering it is something Primates - as the homo sapiens actually is - are born with! At least according to a study in 2011 at the Yale University.

As for racism, then yes, Islam is a race - not a religion. :P
12:23 September 26, 2012 by ingvar
@ theibmsstate

I wonder what this "highly educated immigrants" graduated from, Somalian State University?

The problem is that the last thing Swedish government thinks about is how well immigrants educated and how well they can fit the current job market in Sweden.
13:26 September 26, 2012 by oddsock
The Swedish government, or any other European government, never cared about the prospects of the people at the bottom of society. Before the immigrants it was the white native poor who had no chance and left to live in ghettos. Their place has now been taken by people from a different culture. Essentially, it is a continuation of hundreds of years of policy, but with new people taking their place. The ethnicity is just a easy stick to beat them with.

If there is socio-economic inequality in a society then it is the fault of that society, and not the fault of another society or culture.
14:51 September 26, 2012 by Köz
What I experienced in Sweden was; sure you can get a job in Sweden if you are willing to clean or work in a restaurant.

However, when it comes to better jobs , like office jobs it doesnt matter if you have a Masters Degree and work experience usually they wont even respond to your job applications.

Dont come here and tell people "Oh there is no discrimination in Sweden" because it sounds absurd and funny.

I observed some of these lucky immigrants are acting more Swedish than Swedes and extremely jealous.

One must be blind and def to not notice discrimination in job market.
15:16 September 26, 2012 by Uncle
It is very easy to check whether ECRI is seriously concerned with xenophobia and racism, or is it just another tool in the hands of islamic guests to depict themselves as victims, while in fact being oppressors.

There is a clear and provable physical expulsion of Jewish nation from Malmö through physical and verbal attacks and threats of attacks. In addition, there is no city in Sweden there visible Jews do not expose themselves for high risk for potential attack from the peace loving islamic "new swedes", like our leaders started to call them.

Surely these attacks are reflected in the report of the brave European committee….

Let's check…. Mmm… No? Nothing? Not a word? Oh, WOW, how surprising. I seriously and genuinely thought that the European committee cares about expressions of nazi behavior in ALL it's forms, not only when the supposed victims are of "islamic race" (according to "rise's" claims).

Oh sorry, they mentioned Roma, whose obvious obstacle on the way to become corporation heads, university professors and bank owners is sole Swedish racism and nothing else.

Well, in that case, this report can be taken by the committee members, carefully folded and shoved into their bodily cavity as deep as they reach.
18:31 September 26, 2012 by Migga
@ oddsock

Have I said it was ok? I think it`s noteworthy considering the headline.

Even with socio-economic in mind there is a gap. I think people are more prone to crime if they don`t identify themselves with their victims. If you differ in class, income, looks, ethnicity, religion, culture and language you don`t identify yourself with that person as much. The perp dehumanizes the victim and any form of empathy goes out the window. The threshold is then lowerd and you`ll have an easier time hitting someone over the head.

From my experience it`s those who have adopted medival values about other humans, women and people with different sexual orientations that turn to hate.
22:45 September 26, 2012 by oddsock
Yes, it is exactly that dehumanising that attitude that made it all to easy for the west to grow rich by spending a century raping and pillaging the countries these people came from. And when these countries subsequently end up seriously underdeveloped, it is of course their fault.
23:09 September 26, 2012 by Migga
If someone commits are crime the entire blame lies with that person, nowhere else.
01:26 September 27, 2012 by nathan45
I live in Canada and the country is completly over run with immigrants. I don't belive in hate but the other day I read in the BBC that white people are going to be a minority in North America by 2040 and non white births already account for more than 51% this worries me.

I can understand why Swedes and other Europeans don't want this future for them selves.

I personally think that there is nothing wrong with an ethnic group wanting to protect it's existence. If threatened with extinction any other race would probably react with much more violence and hate than any thing we see by whites today.
10:30 September 27, 2012 by Freedaysaregooddays
A few tips to help combat racism in Sweden:

ONE: If Sami are to be recognized as indigenous, then ethnic Swedes need to also be recognized as indigenous. After all ethnic Swedes were the first to arrive here and created this country.

By continuing to not recognized ethnic Swedes as indigenous is typical-anti White racism.

TWO: Recognize anti-White racism. To recognize racism as something that effects ONLY non Whites is EXTREMELY discriminatory against Whites.

THREE: Stop ramming multiculturalism down peoples throats. Understand racism is not just about race or religion, but more importantly CULTURE. Culture is shared beliefs, values and ways of doing things amongst certain groups of people. The more multiculturalism you have the more conflict you have and the more racism you have.

FOUR: Anti-Swedish media needs stop calling Swedish people racist the second they admit that they have concerns about their country's future.
10:36 September 27, 2012 by skatty
To: #44

The whites took the continent America by force from Native Americans (by mistake called them Indian), took over their gold and lands, force them to slavery, and killed them to extinction. Then the white Europeans migrated to America and forced black slaves from Africa to serve them.

The European superpowers went anywhere they have considered useful for their economy (Britain got one quarter of all lands on earth!). Sweden has one of the highest rates of weapon production in the world (compare with the few population of the country).

Present history is the same story; as an example, why there is problem in the Middle East, the answer is OIL and who dominate to control the energy sources in the region. Then Europeans would not be worry for the price of transportation in their continents, or whatever needs oil!
11:59 September 27, 2012 by rise

Something I find dangerous is the fact we cannot discuss Islam. Sure we can praise it but it isn't discussing it. We cannot complain about it. If we do, we are petty racists!

There is no freedom of religion in Sweden. Sure we can discuss different forms of the Christianity - maybe praising Protestantism while complaining about the Catholic Church - but we cannot complain about Islam. If we do, we are petty racists!

Muslims are smart, they make Swedes fight for their cause. Those Swedes who are not letting themselves be duped by Muslims, who wishes to fight for a cause of their own, are being made petty racists!

I am proud being a petty "racist"!
12:06 September 27, 2012 by Freedaysaregooddays

Stop pretending Europeans invented slavery. They didn't. Slavery goes back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians. The Arabs kept slaves from Africa for as far back as their history goes. Their word for African slaves was Zanj. Parts of the Arab world did not even outlaw slavery until the 1970s. So don't pretend that slavery is somehow unique to Europeans, because it isn't. All cultures have practiced slavery at various points in their history.

As for European colonization of other parts of the world. Have other cultures also not colonized and dominated other cultures when they could?

The majority of European colonization came from England, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. It did not come from the whole of Europe, but somehow people like you have decided that the rest of Europe should be subjected to colonization through mass immigration as some sort of fitting payback for the colonization of the fore-mentioned countries.

If you don't believe that Europeans have a right to preserve their European cultures as something which is unique and of importance to them - which is what 44 was talking about - then frankly there is not a lot of difference between your attitude and the colonialists of a century and a half ago.
14:00 September 27, 2012 by Peter Helenius
19:37 September 25, 2012 by johan rebel

The non-Swede category includes persons not resident in the country; persons born in another non-Nordic country or with at least one parent born in another non-Nordic country; as well as those born in another Nordic country. The latter commit fewer crimes than Swedes, as do those from western Europe, North America, China, etc. Those from the Near and Middle East, eastern Europe and the Balkans therefore do even worse than the above figures suggest.

And in every Western-European country the pattern is the exactly the same. Massive involvement in crime, fraud, unwilling and unskilled to work, clanmentality and religious believe and practice in a mediaval way for Africans and Muslims while Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians score underavaged on these benchmarks.

If you want to surviveas a country close your borders for people coming form Islamic or other 3rd world countries otherwise your country will be pillaged and ravaged.
14:58 September 27, 2012 by oddsock
"If someone commits are crime the entire blame lies with that person, nowhere else."

Well I agree with this (who doesn't), but some people want to bring ethnicity into the equation.
17:45 September 27, 2012 by skatty
@Freedaysaregooddays #48

Of course I believe that European have the right to preserve their European cultures, and of course East has the right to preserve its eastern cultures.

So, let us for start to secure it by asking US to disarm its military bases with the most advanced weapons around the globe. US have over 1169 military bases around the world to protect its own interest.

Do you think that they are going to do that? Do you think that you are going to drive you car as easy as before if you don't get somebody to keep the prices regulated for your benefit?

You know most of the people, who have been presented as immigrants in Sweden are coming from where you can find oil (take as an example Iraqis and Iranians).
17:59 September 27, 2012 by Richard Head
++You know most of the people, who have been presented as immigrants in Sweden are coming from where you can find oil (take as an example Iraqis and Iranians).+++

No. Most of the people are coming from religious dictatorships. Why are all of these countries run by dictators? Because these people NEED to be ruled by a dictator. Otherwise they end up behaving as they do when they finally find freedom (i.e. violent crime, rape, harassment of women, etc. )
18:32 September 27, 2012 by skatty
@Richard Head #52

You mean that west has a democracy and East (or Middle East) needs to be ruled by a dictator. The fact is that the benefit for western domination is shaping the global structure as it has been done since western colonialism (it has been changed to China domination in recent decades).

Take as an example Iran, a country dominated by religious fundamentalism.

In 1950, Iran got a democratic government, which was overthrow by intelligence agency of UK and CIA (under the name AJAX project 1953). Why, because US and UK would lose the control of oil price and resource. The Shah of Iran came by their help and has been finished by Islamic fundamentalism. Democracy was in its way but capsized by US.

Another example, you know who created the fundamental Al- Qaeda and Bin laden, it was CIA. The main Islamic fundamentalism has been organized in 80s by west to fight against communist Russia.
23:13 September 27, 2012 by Uncle

You are seriously confused. If you bother to dig JUST a little but, you would realise that by the time US government understood that fundamentalists could be supported in Afghanistan, there was a full throttled war of the fundamentalists against the Soviets for as much as 2 years.

Nobody "created" Al Qaida more than the Saudis and Qatar. Fundamentalists never disappeared. They were always there, until the WEST found use for oil and invented ways to extract it. Then the fundamentalists became rich. Now the same fundamentalists are eliminating the secular part of the islamic world. Look with what excitement Qatar king got involved in Lybia and now pushes towards involvement in Syria. When the last of secular dictators are eliminated, the sunni fundamentalists will start taking care of shia.

I bet that they will do it by using the west again. About a week a go UAE king promised Ahmadinejad that Iran's time is coming. He was not kidding. Their agents constantly "leak" extreme progression of irani nuclear program and "chemical weaponry" in the hands of Hezbollah. The same services "leaked" Saddam's WMD storages, as well as Syrian nuclear reactor activity.

Don't you see it? The idiot west is getting tricked, while constantly looking like aggressor and apologizing non-stop.
23:13 September 27, 2012 by Swedish Cat
Yes Sweden need to combat racism,,,, Racism for Swedish people, even the Norwegians are wondering why we are letting ourselves being bullied like this. Even The Local is blaming Swedes unfairly to have driven the Jews out of Malmö. It says that only a small minority of Muslims were behind this and then TL took the coment firld away below for obvious reasons, http://www.thelocal.se/24632/20100127/ If Swedes were behind this I can promise that the hard working Jews were not the ones we have trouble with.
12:43 September 28, 2012 by rise
@ Uncle

"The idiot west is getting tricked, while constantly looking like aggressor and apologizing non-stop."

I meant the same phenomenon exactly when claiming "Muslims are smart, they make Swedes fight for their cause.".

Sadly I'm not the only one seeing Islam has been made into a question of race. "Sadly" because if I would have been the only one chances are it might not have been true. But it is.

Most people probably agree one shouldn't act racist. When having made Islam into a race, and one is complaining about Muslims, one is acting the racist!

I will never stop complaining about unjustness. This phenomena is very unjust. If complaining about it makes me a racist I'm very happy to be one.

@Swedish Cat

Below some other article you claimed you were going for Norway (they still had some pride). Stay and fight instead! During the 19th century Swedes abandoned Sweden and went for North America. People today shouldn't be doing the same, they should stay and fight unjustness.
13:16 September 28, 2012 by oddsock
"No. Most of the people are coming from religious dictatorships. Why are all of these countries run by dictators? Because these people NEED to be ruled by a dictator."

Haha, you really didn't stay awake during tour 20th century history classes, did you?
14:00 September 28, 2012 by Swedish Cat
@ Rise

Offcourse you are right but to be honest I am afraid..

I would demand a candlelit parade here however that would be a rasistic offence.

Swedish TV-show Efterlyst brought up the sadistic attack on Rudolf Moilanen, 18, who after an evening in Jordbro center in Stockholm in late June not only got robbed and beaten, but were subjected to pure sadistic torture. The three perpetrators poured some kind of lighter fluid over his neck and back and lit Rudolf on fire [this kind of crimes are identical of the many honor attacks Muslims do on women; acid attacks, burning them alive or various forms of executions are common in Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India]. Then they held him down on the ground, even though he was screaming in pain. Finally, the perpetrators fled the place and he was able to self-extinguish the fire by rolling around. Rudolf tore off his shirt over badly burned skin and knocked at the first house in the neighborhood. We also take the stand that the attack should be termed a hate crime?

The media has occasionally raised the assault but never mentions that the arrested are Muslim Somalis. Then it is suddenly irrelevant. And no candlelit marches or support from residents, the left media and politicians have been given to Rudolf either. This young man had the brass cheek not to die as the Swedish left expected him to, so now they have to come up with a reason why his oppressors should NOT be punished, how very awkward for them. Like leftists everywhere, the Swedish lot don't care how many white Swedes die just so long as the left are always in power.If i am wrong, why do they keep allowing in those who will rape other peoples daughters and murder their sons - all while claiming benifits and complaining about "Islamaphobia"? Swedish governments could always try showing faith in their own people.
16:59 September 28, 2012 by Volvoman
Why don't they just assimilate and stop there god damn moaning?
20:02 September 28, 2012 by John Sitterley
Dear Rebecca Martin; Thank you for the artical. After conducting a fair amount of research on the subject, I have one question. "If there is a group of people that have as their aim to see the distruction of western culture, then is it racism or self defense?" I would highly recommend that the EC agency read THEIR Hadiths, both of them, before they file their next report. Immigration policy might also be of concern for your best interests. Thank you. Best Regards. JS
14:45 September 29, 2012 by NubianGoddess
I think this site is very interesting. I am learning a lot about the Swedish culture (I live in the Tampa, Florida).
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