‘I wanted to kill the king’: bodyguard attacker

'I wanted to kill the king': bodyguard attacker
A tourist from Brazil has spoken out after he attacked a security guard in Stockholm in early August, in what he revealed was a “crazy” attempt to steal the guard’s gun and kill the king of Sweden.

The man, a 24-year-old tourist from Brazil, explained in court that a “deep-seated hate” of the monarchy forced him to carry out the attack on a security guard outside the government offices of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt at Rosenbad in central Stockholm.

The 24-year-old said that he was in Sweden as a visitor to seek out his Swedish roots, but that upon buying a knife as a souvenir, an impulsive motive took over.

“I wanted to protest against the monarchy. I wanted to kill the king,” he said, according to the Expressen newspaper.

The struggle with the security guard (see footage below) shows the man rushing at a bodyguard who had been walking in the opposite direction and trying to overpower him.

The two begin a struggle over the guard’s gun.

As the man and the guard continue to fight, a car pulls up and a 29-year-old builder, who happened to be trained in martial arts, jumps out to come to the aid of the struggling bodyguard.

The attacker continued to try and take the guard’s gun, but was unsuccessful in his attempts.

A recent psychiatric evaluation of the tourist revealed that he was convinced the Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf was involved in a conspiracy with the EU to ravage his home country.

“I wanted to meet the king and get some secret information that he’s guarding,” he said to the psychiatrist, according to Expressen.

While the man expressed remorse over the incident, he also confessed that he doesn’t remember much of what happened.

According to psychiatrists, the 24-year-old is suffering from a serious mental illness.

Aftonbladet footage of the attack (in Swedish)

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