Mystery iguana found on Swedish highway

Mystery iguana found on Swedish highway
A passerby was shocked to find a wayward iguana on a highway off-ramp in southern Sweden, with police unsure as to whether the lizard was dumped or had escaped.

The lizard, measuring 1.2 metres long, was picked up by police in Arlöv, northern Malmö, at around 3pm on Sunday.

“It wasn’t feeling especially well and was suffering from hypothermia. The officers took it to a terrarium in Folket’s Park in Malmö where it was able to get warmed up,” said Mats Attin of the Malmö police to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

After police transported the luckless lizard to the terrarium, they attempted to deduce if the iguana had been dumped by his owner, or whether it had indeed flown the coop.

“We don’t know how it happened in this case. But it’s unfortunately not completely unusual for people to dump these kind of pets,” Attin told the paper.

“It’s really tough for them to escape, though. They’re terribly slow and are 1.2 metres long.”

The police have still not received any reports about a missing iguana, according to the paper.

The Iguana is a herbivorous lizard native to the tropics of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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