‘Fake’ food common in Stockholm eateries

'Fake' food common in Stockholm eateries
One in three Stockholm restaurants serve different products than what is promised on the menu, according to a new study from the city’s environmental administration (Miljöförvaltningen), showing that eateries most often cheat when it comes to feta cheese, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese.

“If you have tasted the original and then get served something fake you will generally be able to tell the difference. But it can be hard to detect fake products for those customers that are not used to it,” said Gert Klötzke, professor in gastronomy at Stockholm University to newspaper Metro.

According to the paper, the agency’s project on misleading menus has revealed cheating in at least 30 percent of the 100 restaurants checked, with at least one product that didn’t correspond to the one on the menu.

“It’s a question of both intentional and unintentional cheating,” said inspector Aron Lindén of the Stockholm environmental administration to Metro.

According to the report, the restaurants did well when it came to organic produce as well as serving bona fide Swedish produced fillet of beef.

However, the report also showed that the air-dried Parma prosciutto promised on the menu in many cases turned out to be a cheaper German or Spanish air-dried ham.

The Parmesan cheese was in many cases revealed to be the cheaper kind of Italian hard cheese Grana Padano and the traditional feta cheese was more often than not from Danish cows rather than Greek sheep.

The restaurants could face hefty fines should they continue to offer customers products different from those on the menu. The environment administration plans to revisit the eateries and follow up on the misleading menus.

According to the paper, the agency also intends to check some 100 more restaurants in the Stockholm area before the project is concluded.

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