Swedish teen’s rape story video: English translation

On Thursday, 14-year-old Lovisa Nystrand from Linköping in central Sweden published a video on Facebook entitled "How it all happened" in which she tells of being raped by a friend.

The video (embedded below) attracted a great deal of attention in traditional and social media in Sweden, including a story on The Local.

Below the embedded video, The Local has provided an English translation of the text featured film.

How everything happened

Hi my name is Lovisa, I am 14 years old

Just 14 years and 4 months

I have experienced something horrible

From which I will suffer for the rest of my life

“Exactly” the rest of my life.

Just over a month ago I was…


I remember everything; I cried and was bleeding

It’s the worst thing that I have experienced…

Since then, there have been many sleepless nights…

For a while I couldn’t cope…

I was so weak

Now I am trying to think ahead

Work as hard as I can for everyday to move forward.

I don’t know how people can be so strong…

To report it.

I have been…

Insulted, threatened and yelled at by some…

But how am I coping with all of this?

Well! Because I have my wonderful friends

I love you

And above all, great family.

All of us are strong.

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