Two ‘portly’ old ladies tackle would-be thief

Two 'portly' old ladies tackle would-be thief
The ladies in the photo have no connection to those featured in the story.
Two women in their seventies put a stop to a thief pilfering their possessions from their cruise ship cabin; describing themselves as "portly", the pair tackled the slightly-built burglar.

“The man tried to leave the cabin when he was discovered, but the ladies then became ‘bloody furious’ and decided that this was one thief who was not going to get away,” according to a Facebook post from Haninge police on the incident.

The report details how the elderly ladies grabbed hold of the crook by the wrist and forced him up against the corridor wall in an arm lock, later explaining that she was inspired by the popular “Beck” police films.

Despite the best efforts of the thief to break free from the septuagenarian’s iron grasp, the ladies held on until the ship’s security officers arrived and apprehended the hapless heister.

The similarity to television cop shows does not end there however.

According to a report by the Nyheter24 website, the ladies picked up the trail of the thief after discovering that they had lost a handbag, and thus their cabin key.

The plucky pensioners wasted no time and rushed down to their cabin.

Discovering that the thief was less than intimidating physically, the self-proclaimed “portly” pair decided to take the law into their own hands.

“Now that is what I call heroes!!!,” Haninge police proclaimed.

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