Man sent sex threats in Moderate politico’s name

Man sent sex threats in Moderate politico's name
An active member of the Social Democrats has been arrested after sending threatening and sexually themed letters to several women, including celebrity bloggers, and signing them in the name a Moderate politician from Gothenburg.

“I was terrified,” celebrity blogger Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip told the Aftonbladet newspaper of her reaction when she received the letter.

The letters were signed in the name of Jonas Ransgård, a local Moderate Party politician in Gothenburg.

In reality, however, they were sent by a thirty-something Social Democrat who has since been arrested and admitted to police that he was sent letters to around thirty women, the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper reported.

Letters were also sent to blogger Tyra Sjöstedt and Margret Atladottir, editor of the Nöjesguiden entertainment guide.

According to GP, the man sent two types of letters, one signed by “Jack and Frida” which went to politicians and journalists urging them to support the Social Democrats.

The other letters, which were signed in the name of Ransgård, had a much more vulgar tone in which the author threatened to have unprotected sex with the women.

If the women refused “it’s guaranteed that you’ll be chopped up and then I’ll fry up your breasts in butter”.

Löwengrip was so disturbed by the letters that she moved to a new address and started therapy.

“I’ve received death threats before; I think I’ve filed eleven police reports. But this one stands out because it was about pure cannibalism,” she told Aftonbladet.

Ransgård alleges the letters sent in his name were politically motivated and intended to damage the reputation of the centre-right governing Alliance.

The man who sent the letters, who was arrested last week, told GP he has now taken a time-out from his political work on behalf of the Social Democrats, adding that he regrets sending the letters.

“I did it at a time when I wasn’t doing well,” he told the paper.

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