Swedes use WiFi names to vent neighbourly rage

Swedes are embracing the worldwide trend of changing the names on their network routers to send angry messages to their neighbours, anonymously airing their complaints about noisy sex, internet "thieves" and loud music.

Swedes use WiFi names to vent neighbourly rage

Forget the passive-aggressive notes left in the communal laundry room, a common form of inter-neighbour communication among Swedes.

The latest trend to hit the wireless world of Swedish homes is changing the name of one’s wireless connection, so that anyone nearby seeking an internet connection can read it.

By changing one’s own router name from the standard “Home Network” or “Router123” to something more personal such as “Stop stealing my internet”, neighbours in Sweden have found a whole new way to anonymously vent their domestic frustrations.

“I saw someone who had a WiFi called ‘Keep it down for God’s sake,’” said trend expert Johan Ronnestam to the Metro newspaper.

While the majority of the passive-aggressive names deal with noise and the theft of internet connection, Ronnestam explained that Swedes are taking the chance to be more imaginative with names.

“When the technical knowledge arrives, creativity comes as surely as night follows day. But you can also turn it around and make a name to flirt with your neighbour.”

Meanwhile, the English speaking world has embraced the trend, with names such as “PrettyFlyForAWiFi” and “DropItLikeItsHotSpot” commonly used examples.

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