Stripper slammed for cheating tax authority

A woman from southern Sweden has been sentenced to community service after having made some 1.5 million kronor ($224,000) from internet striptease shows without paying any tax.

The woman, who hails from Kristianstad and is reportedly in her thirties, had been offering live striptease shows on the internet by help of webcam, according to newspaper Metro.

She was touting her trade on internet sites and had been working as a web-stripper for three years without paying any tax before the Swedish tax authority (Skatteverket) found her.

According to the paper, the woman had already made some 1.5 million kronor from her flourishing business.

The Kristianstad District Court found her guilty of bookkeeping crimes, tax evasion and impeding a tax investigation. However, they said that there were mitigating circumstances in the woman’s case.

The court judged that the woman had not meant to willfully trick the tax authority but rather lacked experience in running a business. The woman has also since ceased her activities.

She was therefore given a probationary sentence, 160 hours of community service and has been banned from running her own business for three years.

The chief prosecutor for the Economic Crime Unit, Kent Madestedt, told Metro that the case is quite unusual but that similar incidents may be uncovered as the tax authority is keeping a close eye on internet trade.

“The Swedish Tax Authority looks at what is offered online and they are especially interested in people who pay no income tax,” he told the paper.

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