Police fear worst after car sinks in Swedish lake

A car drove off a bridge and sank 15 metres to the bottom of a lake in central Sweden on Monday afternoon, with an emergency diving team currently on the scene to investigate.

“We have divers investigating the lake as we have located the car on the bottom and it’s about 15 metres deep there. I have no information about whether there is anyone inside the car or not,” said Bo Eriksson of the Dalarna police to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN).

The accident occurred around 12.30pm when a car crashed off a bridge passing over a stream that flows into the Ore Lake, in Furudal, central Sweden. Emergency services were quick to the scene.

It remains unknown why the car ended up in the lake, who owns the car, or how many people may be inside.

“We know the car has landed on its roof and that it is very sludgy on the bottom, so we don’t have the registration number, for example. There is most probably someone in the car, but against all odds, someone may have got out and left the scene,” Eriksson told the paper.

Jan Daniels of the local emergency services explained that the car has become stuck in the mud on the lakebed.

“It has sunk into the sludge so we can’t open the doors,” he told the TT news agency.

Daniels explained that witness reports suggest that the car floated for some time underneath the bridge before sinking.

Some four hours after the accident, the car was not yet salvaged. According to daily Aftonbladet, witnesses claim to have seen at least one person in it before the crash but divers have not been able to see anything in the murky waters.

The rescue operation was made more difficult by the fact that there are strong currents where the car sunk, and the divers say the car has been pulled some 50 metres from the crash site.

The road conditions on the bridge were reportedly good and police still have no idea what caused the car to go off the bridge.

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