Student forced to hitch ride home with tractor

Student forced to hitch ride home with tractor
14-year-old Johan Hedén from western Sweden was dropped off by a school transport service some eight kilometres from his home, where the driver who was out of petrol flagged down a tractor to take the boy the rest of the way.

“Neither I nor my son have any idea who the man was, but it was very kind of him to take Johan home,” the 14-year-old’s father, Mikael Hedén, told the local Borås Tidningen (BT) newspaper.

Johan was travelling home from school last week a with school transport service, which since 2010 has been operated by the local branch of taxi company Taxi Kurir.

When the vehicle was eight kilometres from his home, the taxi driver stopped by the side of the road and said he was forced to pull over as he was “out of fuel”.

The driver then started talking to a man who was scraping the road with a tractor.

The tractor driver agreed to help out the stranded teenager. He drove Johan back to his own home where he changed from the tractor to his own car and then gave the teen a lift home.

Although grateful to the unknown tractor operator, Johan’s parents are upset about the incident.

“No one knew who this man was. It could have been someone with less than pleasant intentions. Of course things like this can’t be allowed to happen,” Hedén told the paper.

Hedén added that it was not the first time there had been complaints against the taxi company:

“The children have had to wait for over an hour on many occasions, the car has been overfilled or the driver has not known the way to his destination,” he said.

According to the local authorities, a crisis meeting will be held between the taxi company and municipality staff.

“There have been too many complaints and we want to hear their version of events. We have clear demands and they must follow these,” Christer Norberg, head of transportion services in the municipality, told the paper.

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