Jailed after ‘accidentally’ downloading child porn

Jailed after 'accidentally' downloading child porn
A man has been sentenced to ten months in prison for setting up a prostitution website and for downloading child porn, which he claimed he did by accident, according to a report in the Metro newspaper.

The man, a 45-year-old from Botkyrka in Stockholm’s south, had set up a website in an effort to bring together prostitutes and customers in Sweden.

According to a police investigation, the man had built up the site over a period of seven years.

He even met up with several of the women after finding them online, having sex with them, and taking their photo to post on his website.

When police raided the man’s home in May 2009, they also found over 12,000 pictures and 250 films with child pornography. Of these, 100 of the images and 19 of the films were of a particularly graphic nature.

Police also found chat history on the man’s computers that indicated he had discussed and distributed child porn.

The man denies the crimes, even claiming that the child porn was downloaded “by mistake” when he was trying to access legal pornography.

The 45-year-old has now been sentenced to ten months in prison for aggravated child pornography crimes and pimping.

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