Blizzard to move north along Swedish coast

Blizzard to move north along Swedish coast
Stockholmers and northern coastal residents can expect the snow storms currently pummelling southern Sweden to reach them by Wednesday as the blizzard sweeps up along the Baltic coast.

Snow continued to pound Kalmar County and the Baltic island of Öland on Tuesday, with winds so strong that the meteorological agency SMHI issued a class 2 warning, reserved for when weather conditions could endanger the public, cause material damage, or disrupt vital public services.

“It’s a little chaotic, especially in the northern parts,” Kenneth Möller, a firefighter in Öland, told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“The snow ploughs are being sent back and forth like shuttles. They are trying just to keep the roads open. You can hardly see what’s in front of you.”

The morning and early afternoon were characterized by severe traffic problems and extensive delays, yet the day was fairly accident-free.

“We’ve seen no accidents, for the most part. They’re ploughing continuously,” Peter Lantz, of the Swedish Transit Administration (Trafikverket), told the paper.

But residents are still advised to stay home with Öland’s emergency services suggesting people keep away from the roads.

On Wednesday, the blizzard is expected to move northwards to the coast of Svealand and up to the the southern coastal regions of Norrland.

SMHI has issued Gävleborg municipality a class 1 warning, the least serious on SMHI’s three-level scale, indicating “certain risks for society” and potential “disruption to some important societal functions”.

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