Tabloid reported over mobile phone sex claims

A young woman from northern Sweden has accused tabloid Expressen of slander after it published her picture next to a headline proclaiming, "This is how young people use their mobile phones to meet up for sex".

Tabloid reported over mobile phone sex claims

The 22-year-old woman now lives in Stockholm and saw the the headline and her picture plastered on Expressen newsstand posters all over the capital, according to a complaint she filed with police.

While the 22-year-old did give an interview for the article, she claimed the sex-themed headline had nothing to do with her conversation with the reporter.

The woman refused Expressen’s offer of 5,000 kronor ($750) in compensation for the publication, arguing it gave the wrong impression about her comments in the interview.

Inside, in a two-page article, the newspaper published yet another portrait of the young woman alongside a transcript of a conversation from the social networking site Badoo.

However, the dialogue about intercourse had nothing to do with the young woman, she told police.

Police have now forwarded the complaint to Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice (Justititekanslern), who will assess whether it breaches any statutes in Sweden’s press freedom laws.

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