Swedish town stops plans to strip its ladies

A gleeful attempt to redesign the town shield to mark Landskrona's 600th anniversary has run into trouble over scantily clad renditions of Justice and Prudence, showing them boogeying in a state of undress.

Swedish town stops plans to strip its ladies

With her snake held high, a carnival-spirit Prudence is ready to party. So is her co-defender of civil virtues, a certain Justice whose long hair is equally free-flowing, midriff as exposed, and smile similarly wide.

“I assume our normal town shield will still be used for all official communication?” the heraldry officer Henrik Klackenberg wrote in an email to the municipality.

“What Prudence and Justice think of being depicted as carnival girls is a question I’ll leave for town hall to discuss,” he dryly added.

Klackenberg had been asked not for artistic input but whether the propose logo fit with “heraldic statutes and norms”.

Yet his feedback has put a stop to plans to use it, confirmed anniversary director Olle Larsson, who said the municipality will not go ahead with the plans.

The southwestern town will begin celebrating its six centuries of existence on March 20th, 2013. The municipality is yet to publish the final list of events but promises music and art as well as a royal visit.

For Landskrona residents who can’t wait until then, they can start knitting. The town will join all the knitted scarves into one giant scarf to warm the town up.

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